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4Persistent Pain or any Discomfort

Cancer does not cause pain but if you have headache, back pain, stomach or abdominal pain that won’t go away, these may be the early cancer symptoms in men, your doctor needs to know. Persistent pain in any part of your body can be the first sign that something wrong or most probably the prostate cancer that cause pain in hips, pelvis, back or in bone area. Pain in abdomen with depression may be the indication of pancreatic cancer.

Early Cancer Symptoms in Men, Should Never Ignore
Persistent Pain or any Discomfort

5Blood in Your Stool, Urine and Semen

It’s a cause for concern if you see blood in your pee, stool or sputum. This can be the first sign of cancer in kidneys, bladder, colon cancer or prostate cancer that cause bloody semen. If you have these symptoms, never delay to see your doctor, it is important to find and treat the cause. Blood is not always wright red either. Black, purple or maroonish stool can also mean blood. It is the most ominous symptoms of colon cancer. This also related to other problems like intestinal infection, hemorrhoids, urinary infection and infection in lungs.

6Changes in Lymph Nodes

If you noticed some changes in your neck and other parts of body includes swollen lymph nodes, small bean shaped glands in your underarms, neck or any other changes, never ignore, consult your doctor as soon as possible. These could be the sign of throat, head and thyroid cancer symptoms or early sign of leukemia.

Early Cancer Symptoms in Men, Should Never Ignore
Changes in Lymph Nodes

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