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Lindsay Ratcliffe, Progeria Case in U.S.

Lindsay Ratcliffe, one of only nine girls in the U.S. who has progeria, rarest of rare diseases, affecting only one in every 4-to-8 million births. At birth, Lindsay showed no signs of progeria having normal hand, feet and other body parts. But after four months, Lindsay had gained little weight and her parents knew something was seriously wrong.

Progeria Disease Case Study - Major Cases of Progeria Worldwide
Lindsay Ratcliffe, Progeria Case in U.S.

Lindsay is an extremely intelligent girl with a wild sense of humor and infectious laugh. She was at 20 pounds and 36 inches, but was not an ordinary six-year-old. Lindsay Ratcliffe has a rare and fatal disease called progeria caused by mutation in a gene called LMNA, but it is not hereditary.

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Six years old Lindsay lives in body older than her grandmother. She can run and jump but has spine of 70 years old and there is arthritis forming slowly throughout the spine. Visit her web site, LittleLindsay.com, to see lots of pictures and learn about her yearly event.

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