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Ana Rochelle Pondare, Oldest Woman in Asia just turned 18

Ana Rochelle Pondare suffers from a rare and fatal genetic condition, progeria that causes her body to age ten times faster than normal. Ms Pondare celebrated by family and friends as she is one of the very few progeria patients worldwide to reach her age. Their are only 80 known cases of progeria worldwide with only two reported cases in the Philippines.

Progeria Disease Case Study - Major Cases of Progeria Worldwide
Surgeon Dr. Pierre R. Clero, helped Ms Pondare to prolong her life by providing her with a special diet and creams for her skin (Image Credit: Flickr)

Nineteen-year-old Rochelle Pondare, suffering from a rare disease has died, according to a US-based foundation doing research on the illness. Two years before her death, doctors have told her she is ‘already 144 years old’ due to progeria.

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Progeria Disease Case Study - Major Cases of Progeria Worldwide
“Our thoughts are with the friends and family of the beautiful Ana Rochelle from the Philippines who passed away at the age of 19,” Progeria Research Foundation (PRF) said Thursday.

Progeria is a condition diagnosed in children whose bodies are not able to produce a properly functioning version of a protein called “lamin A”, which is involved in important functions such as DNA repair.

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