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Kaylee Halko Popular Musical.ly Star

13-year old Kaylee Halko defies medical odds, outliving the typical life expectancy of the rare genetic disorder. Young girl who was born with a rare, premature aging condition called progeria which makes her young body age at a faster pace of 8-10 times than normal children. She stands less than four feet tall, with a smooth head and radiant blue eyes. Her voice sounds like tiny jingle bells.

Progeria Disease Case Study - Major Cases of Progeria Worldwide
Kaylee Halko Progeria, Major Cases of Progeria Worldwide

Kaylee Halko, one of the popular cases of progeria worldwide. She is wildly popular on musical.ly and able to accumulate more than 3 million fans and 100 million hearts in musical.ly account. In 2010, She was appeared in some episode of ABC 20/20 from which she started her career.

Born: July 21, 2003, in Ohio

Carrier: musical.ly Star

Parents: Marla Lynn Halko and Timothy George Halko

Brother : Jacob Halko

Nationality : American

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/kaylee_halko

Like other people’s, Kayle is also connected with social networking sites like Instagram and Twitter. Her personal Instagram account has earned over 180,000 followers. And 2,104 followers on Twitter shows that she has thousands of fans and followers.

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