Temple of Luxor, temple of Amon Ra

Most Impressive Ancient Egyptian Temples and Monuments

Most Impressive Ancient Egyptian Temples, Art and Statues There are many well preserved temples, tombs, pyramids and monuments in Egypt. If you are travelling to Egypt, here is a wonderful list of 10 most impressive ancient Egyptian temples you should not miss. Luxor Temple The Luxor Temple is one of[Read More…]

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Most Expensive Hotels in India 2015 - Luxury Destination

Top 15 Most Expensive Hotels in India 2015 – Luxury Destination

15 Of The Most Luxuriously Expensive Hotels In India India is a land of rich culture and heritage with growing international tourist destination across the world. Ancient India was famous for its luxurious structure which attracts international tourists and business travelers and provide them luxury and royal feel. From past[Read More…]

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