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Cervical spine back pain is most common pain that occur in neck, back and its surrounding muscles. This pain occur when muscles and ligaments of neck are move from their normal position. Get the facts on back pain treatment, including medication, exercise, and chiropractic care.

What Causes Cervical Spine Pain?

Damage or abnormality in neck discs is the major cause of this back pain, here below some risk factors of cervical spine back pain:

Cervical Spine Back Pain Treatment Overview
Cervical Spine Back Pain Treatment Overview

Accident: There are many causes of cervical pain or neck discs abnormality like any horrible road accident, sudden jerking of neck, injury while playing or any unknown cause.

Aging: Aging is also a major cause of cervical pain because at the age of 45 plus some changes occur in your body muscles like change in density of bone mass, lack of calcium and other minerals.

Bolster: Neck pain also cause due to use of bolster(Cylindrical Pillow) or heavy pillow while sleeping at night.

Position: Awkward position while you drive your car or bike or working on computer for a long time.

Throat Infection:  Neck pain also cause due to throat infections like swelling in lymph node.

Cervical Spine Back Pain Symptoms and Points

Cervical pain occur in cervical spine. Cervical spine consists of 7 vertebrae i.e. C1-C7. Pain occur in neck, shoulder and its surrounding due to abnormality in neck muscles and ligaments. In cervical pain your neck pain may be worsened while you turn your face left or right. If you have any pain more than a week you need to consult with doctor that diagnose you.

Cervical Spine Back Pain Treatment Overview
Cervical Spine Back Pain Symptoms and Points

Cervical Spine Back Pain Treatment Overview

If you are one of the most hectic and busy person and living with cervical spine back pain and cardinal problems that increases day by day then you have to choose any back pain treatment to get rid of this spine pain. With this pain you can’t turn your face left or right and thus it create problems while you driving your car or bike.

1Sleeping Position

Choose a best position while you resting that cause least amount of pain in your neck. Use very thin pillow like two or four fold of your towel or if possible don’t use pillow while sleeping. Don’t sleep too much like for 15-20 hours, its harmful because your muscles is immobile for a long time.

2Apply Colt/Hot

For minor neck or back pain, hot/cold cervical pain treatment is most effective back pain treatment to get you relief. In this method first apply ice on your neck or shoulder in 30 minutes interval. Ice reduce inflammation in the area. Repeat this for some days (for 2-3 days) after that apply hot heating pad in 30 minutes interval for next 2-3 days. Repeat this process every week if you are feeling well otherwise choose any other treatment to get rid of neck pain.

3What to Do and Don’ts

  • Don’t cradling phone between your neck and shoulder.
  • Avoid playing sport game if you have heavy pain.
  • Avoid bolster and heavy pillow while sleeping.
  • Eat green vegetables, milk and milk products and healthy food.
  • Do not wear jackets, shirt of heavy collar and avoid necklace or neck brace.

Yoga, most effective cervical spine back pain treatment, check out 7 effective yoga poses for back pain a complete back pain treatment.

Published: 05/17/2015
Last Medical Review: 03/01/2016

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