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Crazy Wedding Traditions – People Marrying With Animals

Marrying with tree is sometimes acceptable but It is surprised to hear that how a men or woman can marry with animals like snake, cat, dog or dolphin. And also these types of marriages are allowed by traditions or in some culture.

Men Marries With Cat – Germany (2010)

A German men name Uwe Mitzscherlich was mary with his 15 years old cat name Cecillia when he know that his cat have no long time live more i.e. she as overweight and also suffered from asthama. Since marrying with animals is illegal in Germany that why an actress was appointed to officiate the marriage.

Woman Marrying With Dolphin – Israeli (2006)

In Israeli town of Eilat, A woman named Sharon tender married a dolphin named Cindy in 2006. This all is start after 15 years of courtship of woman and dolphin and she finally seal the deal with kiss.

Men Married With Dog – India (2007)

Some marriages are forced due to people as punishment, some are due to real love and some marriages are done to ward off cursed. A farmer in India had suffered from some kinds of disabilities and he think that the cause of cursed is stoning two dogs to death in his rice field. Some astrologer advised him to marry and live with dog to ward off this cursed.

Man Married with His Dog – Australia

Dogs are considered our best friends, they can live with us and sometimes eat with us but does it means they can marry with us. It looks strange but it’s true. In Australia, Joseph Guiso decided to marry with his female Labrador dog name Honey.

Woman Married with Her Dog – Africa

A 29 years old African woman name Emily Mabou of Ghanaian had got married with her 18 months old dog in a ceremony. She invite priest and villagers from his village to attend her ceremony.

Woman Married with Snake – India (2006)

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Woman Married with Snake – India (2006) (Source: www.orzzzz.com)

A 30 years old woman Bimbala Das in Orissa (India) had fall in love with a snake and got married with snake in 2006 as per Hindu rituals with guest more than 2000 peoples to celebrate this peculiar event. This is of the top crazy wedding traditions in my life.

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