Drug Overdose Deaths

Drug Overdose Deaths, Propel Rise in Mortality Rates (1999-2014)
Drug Overdose Death by Lengthening QT Interval

There are many antidepressants that cause a sudden change in body function and causes silent death that is growing rapidly. These death-causing medicines or drugs also result in sudden cardiac death (SCD) which is sudden, unexpected death caused by loss of heart function. The main cause of drug overdose deaths is lengthening of the QT interval of heart function by the sudden change of electrical pulse which results in a change of rhythm of the heartbeat.

Drug Overdose Deaths, Propel Rise in Mortality Rates (1999-2014)

QT interval in heart is time difference between start of Q wave and end of T wave in electrical cycle of heart – Measure by Electrocardiogram or ECG only

This type of death is called silent death because this sudden cardiac arrest not provides you time or warning for any medical emergency treatment.

Drug Overdose Deaths, List of Dangerous Antidepressant That Cause Sudden Death

Here we are going to share some drugs or antidepressants that cause sudden death or serious health problems like heart attack, lengthening QT interval, organ failure or affects other body functions.

  • Methadone – Reported causing sudden death in some individuals by lengthening QT interval or by stopping body functions or other serious effects in a case.
  • Citalopram – This antidepressant Stop heart by the sudden change of heart electrical pulse and QT interval and cause sudden change. Its brand name is Celexa and Cipramil.

    Drug Overdose Deaths, Propel Rise in Mortality Rates (1999-2014)
    Death by Medicine, Leading Causes of Death in America
  • Ibuprofen – This is a Non-Steroidal-Anti-Inflammatory drug (NSAIDs), people who take this drug have a higher risk of heart attack or cardiovascular diseases and may cause sudden death with no time for any medical emergency.
  • Paracetamol – A higher dose of Paracetamol over time is also very dangerous and causes serious health problems and sometimes overdosage causes death. Sometimes regular usage of a small dosage of Paracetamol may cause organ failure and ultimately cause death.

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  • Amitriptylin – The worst antidepressant that causes lengthening of QT interval. 2 out of 10 people find abnormal ECG with lengthening of QT interval.
  • Escitalopram(Lexapro) – This is one of the worst antidepressants that cause death by the sudden change of heartbeat and extend QT interval.
  • Drugs like bupropion(Zyban) cause the opposite effect as compared to other antidepressants. Bupropion(Zyban) shorten QT interval and can result in cardiac arrest, palpitation, or fainting.
  • Overdose of anything is harmful, so ignore mediation or other products in large amounts for example if you drink too much water it may also very harmful and even may cause death. Overtake of vitamin E acts as an anticoagulant and create a bleeding problem if you get injured.

According to a 2004 article, a list of some drugs that prolong QT interval, serious health problems, or even overdose death are:

Drugs that Cause Sudden Death – Death By Medicine
Source.. www.healthimpactnews.com

If you feel abnormal after taking any drug, call your doctor immediately for a medical emergency.

Drug Overdose Deaths, Propel Rise in Mortality Rates (1999-2014)

Sudden cardiac death is the largest cause of natural death in the U.S., causing about 327,000 adult deaths in the United State every year. Drug abuse, of both prescription painkillers and illegal drugs like heroin, has become a part of the American political discourse as never before. The graph of the drug overdose deaths below shows roughly the idea of death by medicine or drug overdose deaths from 1999-2014.

Drug Overdose Deaths, Propel Rise in Mortality Rates (1999-2014)
Drug Overdose Deaths, Propel Rise in Mortality Rates (1999-2014)

The Times analyzed nearly 60 million death certificates collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from 1990 to 2014.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
By The New York Times

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How much time does it take to withdraw of drugs that cause sudden death?

If a drug is suspected to be death-causing it should take several years by regulatory agencies to withdraw it from the market. The interval between the first death and withdraw of death causing drug is not shortened because there is no standard method to make a decision and verify that whether a suspected drug cause death and should be removed from the market or not.

From 1957 to 2011, scientists identified and withdraw 95 death causing drugs out of 82 were cause immediate death while 13 cause death after an overdose.

If there any serious adverse occur, then regulatory agencies’ evaluation speeds up than present, but in that case, it also takes more than two years to complete the withdraw of that drugs from the market.

The purpose of this article (Drug Overdose Deaths) is not to frighten you but here our main focus is to educate you to take decisions about your health and provides you tools to control your health. If you find any abnormality after taking some kind of antidepressant or drug so don’t ignore it, consult your doctor about the drugs you have taken as soon as possible to take any medical emergency treatment.

Published: 05/19/2015
Last Medical Review: 03/02/2019

List of Major Medicines & Drugs that Cause Cardiac Arrest