Does Weight Lifting Stunt Height Growth? Weight Lifting and Height Growth

Does weight lifting or heavy gymnastic workout stunt your height? Many of us asking this question because we see many short of stature guys in the gym, and these guys are pretty muscular and strong but are short of stature.

This is one of the biggest myths put forth in the last century. No studies have ever been shown that lifting weights stunts or inhibits growth. Why peoples used to think weightlifting was bad for young children and teens under puberty? One of the possible reason is  Epiphyseal plates, everyone has Epiphyseal plates (aka growth plates) at the ends of their bones. As you grow, epiphyseal plates are added onto. When you go through puberty, these plates are added onto rather quickly. The standing theory here is that trauma or excessive force on the epiphyseal plates (growth growth plates) can cause the premature stoppage of your height growth or stunt your height.

Does Weight Lifting Stunt Height Growth? WeightLifting and Height Growth
Really Bad Workout! Does Weight Lifting Stunt Height Growth?

Young children or teenagers have growth plate (epiphyseal plates) at the end of most bones. These cartilage plates or growth plates regulates the shape and length of our bones. As you know, our bones growth around the epiphyseal plates or growth plates, not from the centre. While lifting heavy weight, young children or teenagers are more prone to damage or injure undeveloped bones or growth plates and can stunt your growth.

Another reason of peoples used to think weightlifting bad for young children and teens under puberty because of lack of enough hormones yet for muscles to develop properly.  In our body, the growth plates (Epiphyseal plates) are located at the ends of bones, these plates are responsible for bone growth in children and teenager. These growth or cartilage plates divide and regenerate throughout a child’s development, helping form new bone in the process. Weightlifting can put stress on these bones. A lot of weightlifting put heavy stress on bones and muscles and halting them to develop.

Does Weight Lifting Stunt Height Growth?

There’s no concrete evidence or studies linking weight lifting and height. No research ever been shown that weight lifting stunts or inhibits your height growth. Here are some facts about lifting weights and height growth.

It’s just a myth all around the world, lifting weights do not stunt the height. There is no evidence or study anywhere that lifting is really bad for young peoples or teenagers.

How tall you grow is more related to genetics. It’s your growth hormones or hereditary that will decide your height but not completely true. Daily workout, effective yoga posture and proper nutritional diet may increase your height after 22.

Bones never shrink, once your bones has grown to a certain height, it cannot shrink to a smaller size.

Once you reached your peak height (mostly by the time you’re 18-25 years), the epiphyseal plates seal themselves and your bones ossify, and this is the time you stop growing taller and longer.

Weightlifting temporary compress your backbone but not too much like maximum one percent of your height. Your body will uncompress while you sleep that night.

Weightlifting will not necessarily stunt your height or prevent you from growing taller. However if you are under puberty or in developmental stage of life, the most important phase of human growth. You should more careful, heavy weight lifting may injure your bones and growth plates.

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Does Weight Lifting Stunt Height Growth? WeightLifting and Height Growth
Does Weight Lifting Stunt Height Growth? WeightLifting and Height Growth

For Example, Arnold Schwarzenegger former Mr universe had joined gym at around 15-16 years. But he has amazing height of around 6’4 foot. Other Examples are Michael Vick, Dave Draper, David Robinson, Shaquille O’Neal, Lou Ferrigno, and Karl Malone, All started weightlifting in their early age and all are over 6 inch tall.

Weight Lifting and Height Growth, Recommendations for Teenagers:

We wouldn’t recommend strenuous bodybuilding if you’re below 18. Give your body time to mature and the bones and joints to fully develop and harden. Wait until you’re 18 or 19 to fully develop your body, muscles and bones and start pumping iron (only under the supervision of professional health trainer).

We suggest you to focus more on aerobic exercises rather than body building. Aerobics exercise helps you to increase your stamina and metabolism rate, concentrate on proper nutritional diet this would eventually gain stamina to work on your muscles.

Weightlifting is a matter of quality not quantity. But, unfortunately many peoples or gymnastics lift weights with their ego and not with their muscles and brain. Always start with light weight (no matter how old you are) and concentrate on range of motion instead of speed and going heavier. If you’re going fast enough, momentum moves the weight rather than your muscles. This may harm your body and in addition to putting you at risk  of major injury.

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