Grow Summer Savory Herb Indoors This Season

Summer savory (Satureja hortensis) is a traditional popular herb in Atlantic Canada famous for its sweet taste and aroma. It’s a durable plant can grow in wide range of climates and temperature. Summer savory herb is a member of mint plant family best known as a culinary herb.

Summer Savory Herb: How to Grow Savory Indoors This Season
Summer Savory Herb: How to Grow Savory Indoors This Season

There are two types of savory, winter and summer savory. Summer savory is annual herb (must be planted every year) while winter savory is perennial. Summer savory is preferred over winter savory herb for use in sausages and having more sweeter and dedicated aroma. If you are new in gardening, start by summer savory. Summer savory is easy to grow need normal room temperature (25 degree), rich soil and full sun at least 6 hours per day.

How to Grow Summer Savory Herb

Planting savory is easy and rewarding. Savory can grow indoors as long as placed on sunny windowsill. Let’s look at how to grow summer savory in your home, yard or garden with some environmental factors.

Start growing summer savory by seeds. Plant seeds outdoors in sunny site right after the last frost has passed or from late winter.

Plant seeds directly into your garden or indoor in a pot with direct sunlight. Plant seed 1/8 inch down the soil and keep approx 4 inch apart.

Wait and allow plant to grow 6 inch high before you start to harvest pant in sausages or in cooking.

Tip: As summer savory is annual plant, must be planted every year. So at the end of the season, harvest the entire plant (both tender and wood) and dry for use in winter season.

Some Factors Related to the Growth of Summer Savory

Container: No need to have a large yard to grow summer savory herb. Summer and winter both types of savory can easily grow in small container. Container should be 8 inch wide and 8 inch deep. You can also grow summer savory in hanging basket or pot.

Environmental Condition: Summer savory sawn in early April month and prefer to be planted in sunny situation. Summer savory will depart as soon as there is frost in the air.

Temperature: Seed germination usually takes 2-3 weeks at 18 to 20°C (65 to 70°F).

Pest Control: Savory has no serious pest problem, no diseases problem, and no need of pest controller.

Soil: Summer savory prefers organically rich soil that’s slightly alkaline.

Harvesting: After 6 weeks of planting, you will be able to harvest summer savory leaves. This is cut and come again plant, so in another month you can harvest summer savory once it reaches 6 inches in height.

Storing and Preserving: Use fresh, freeze or dry leaves. Dry leaves should be store in an air tight container.

Culinary Uses of Summer Savory Herb

  • Its sweet-spicy flavor adds just the right touch to fish, vegetables, poultry, green beans, eggs, and meats.
  • It is used as a substitute for sage in Canadian dishes to flavor dressings such as cretonnade.
  • Summer savory’s delicate, piney-pepper flavor is linked to thyme in culinary dishes.
Grow Summer Savory Herb Indoors This Season
Grow Summer Savory Herb Indoors This Season

Medicinal Uses of Summer Savory Herb

  • Savory herbs (both summer savory and winter savory) have been used for wide variety of digestive system applications and to treat several ailments.
  • Active ingredients of savory are p-cymene, carvacrol, and tannins. It is an astringent and mild antiseptic.
  • A sprig of savory plant is good for bee sting. It is thought that a sprig of savory (winter or summer savory) rub on bug stings gives instant relief. Check out 9 famous mosquito repellent plants and herbs to get rid of mosquitoes in home.
  • A tea made of savory have several health benefits. Savory tea is good for diarrhea, sore throats, nausea and menstrual disordered.
  • Winter or summer savory herb ointment also famous in some countries, works well to relief of minor rashes and skin irritations.

Precautions: No specific precautions, savory is likely safe in small amount but we recommend that you consult with your health advisor before using summer savory herb or herbal products. If you are pregnant, nursing, or using any other medications, it is advised to stay on the safe side and avoid use.

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