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11Lavender Plant, Growing Herbs Indoors

Lavender is long recognized for its amazing sweet perfume and healing property that can be valuable addition to your herbal garden. This herbal plant works as natural pesticides that natural repel mosquitoes and keep garden pests away.

Lavender is not just a pretty plant, this herbal plant is packed with skin, hair and health benefits. Lavender is most useful herb, lavender essential oils for acne and oily skin.

Lavender oil diluted with olive oil or massage oil has amazing skin benefits that works good for all type of skin. Add few drops of lavender oil in your bath tub to alleviate stress, tension and insomnia.

Lavenders sweet and soothing agent is perfect for keeping mind fresh and calm and promoting healthy sleep.

11 Must Have Healthy Herbs To Grow Indoors | Growing Herbs Indoors
Lavender Healthy Plant, Growing Herbs Indoors

Planting: Lavender is relatively large plant that best grow outdoor. Lavender plant needs 8 hours of sun in a day with well drained soil.

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