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6Mint: Healthy Herbs To Grow Indoors

Mint or Mentha is good choice to grow in your pot or garden. Mint is rich source of vitamin A, vitamin C and iron. Daily intake of just 2 tablespoon of mint provide more than half of daily recommended of Vitamin A.

Beyond the good taste of this green herb, Recent study shown that essential oils in mint is good for blood sugar, digestion, headache, nausea and has positive effect on respiratory system. Mint tea is also known to have good for hangovers.

11 Must Have Healthy Herbs To Grow Indoors | Growing Herbs Indoors
Mint Healthy Herbs To Grow Indoors, Growing Herbs Indoors

Planting: This herb grow fast and needs plenty of space. Sow seeds 2 inch deep and 12 inch apart in autumn and spring with proper supply of water.

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