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7Parsley Plant, Growing Herbs Indoors

Don’t think of it as decorative plant only, this medicinal herbal plant is loaded with nutrients and healing power to fight bad breath. Parsley is natural anti-bacterial plant that can be used to bolster immune system.

Parsley works wonderful for people with diabetes, gastrointestinal disorder, kidney stone, cough and digestion problem.

This parsley plant add great addition to your vegetable dish, soup, omelets and salad and its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory property make it great for detoxification and digestion.

Parsley is full of essential nutrients and just a 1 tablespoon of fresh parsley offer more than 60% of recommended daily intake of vitamin K. Parsley contains more vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin A than basically any other food that we eat.

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Parsley Plant, Growing Herbs Indoors

Caution: Pregnant woman keep away from this herb as this herbal plant is known to induce uterine contradiction and may cause miscarriage.

Planting: Sow seed in midsummer for autumn and winter harvest or Sow in midspring for summer cutting. Grow this herbal plant indoor by seed and transport them outdoor in spring with moist soil.

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