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9Sage Healthy Herbs To Grow at Home

Genus name of this plant is Salvia means “to heal”, provide relieve from throat and mouth inflammation and is good for type-2 diabetes patients with lowering cholesterol . Fresh or dried Sage make excellent seasoning sauce and also produced edible seasoning flowers in summer month which add addition to you meat, lamb, sausage, cheese dishes and salute (Salad).

Sage is also one of the natural beauty herb that has antioxidant and antiseptic property helps to fight against early aging.

Sage leaves and flowers make excellent addition to herbal tea that is natural remedy for fatigue, calm anxiety, reduce fever, reverse graying of hair, helps in relieving cuts, memory issues and nervous disorder.

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Sage Healthy Herbs To Grow Indoors

Planting: Sage can easily be grown in your home by sage seeds in early spring or set out nursery plant. Sage needs plenty of sunlight, good soil and watering every second day.

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