Herbs To Grow Indoors This Winter

Fresh herbs not only add spice to your dining table – they helps to maintain your health in long term. A herbal garden in your home and yard supplements your food supply and is great to reconnect you with nourishing nature. Here below 12 wonderful and powerful healthy herbs to grow indoors this winter.

To create your winter herbal garden indoor, you not need to do PhD in gardening, Herbal garden is easy to create and maintain. Create your herbal garden indoor this winter and add spicy and vibrant flavor to your cooking. Start your herbal garden with,

  • Pick appropriate container or pots with drainage hole, choose size according your requirement
  • Fresh soil from local gardener, don’t collect from your backyard
  • Buy herbal seed packets from nursery or seed shop
  • Gravel
  • Colored markers or spray, to write the name of herb on pots

    Healthy Herbs To Grow Indoors This Winter
    Healthy Herbs To Grow Indoors This Winter


  • Start planting by filling pots or container with few gravels at the bottom
  • Fill 3/4th  of container with soil and dig a hole in the centre to fit plant
  • If you’re starting from seed, fill 3/4th of pots with soil and then press seed gently into soil 1 inch deep
  • Mark or name the pots according to herbs you are sowing

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12 Ultimate and Powerful Healthy Herbs To Grow Indoors This Winter

Thyme Herbal Plant

A generous source of anti-oxidant compound, best for throat sore, stomach upset and as mouthwash to kill germs. Theme needs 6 hours of sunlight everyday to grow best but will grow best in east or west facing window.


Mint has a distinctive taste and is add nourishing supplement to savory dishes and sweet ones.

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Set your parsley herbal plant in sun drenched, south facing window. A sunny window is key requirement.


Chives are one of the easiest herbal plant that can easily grow indoor in small space. Chives are ready to chopped when they reached 8 inch.

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Basil plant grow best when it get 8 hours of sunlight every day.   Sunlight is key point to grow basil in your herbal garden. Keep soil moist and well drained.

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Sage is an exceptional herbal plant because it needs acidic soil as compared to other herbs. Sage herbal plant needs plenty of sunlight and watering once in two days  and can easily be grown in your home by seeds.

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Some useful tips for healthy herbs to Grow Indoors:

  • A sunny window is key requirement for growing herbal garden, Price says.
  • If your window is lack of sunlight, use artificial method like fluorescence light or grow light to supplement lighting.
  • Remove flower buds from plant top to keep them growing.
  • Don’t watering too much, water them only when soil is dry.
  • Use fertilizer to boost herbs indoors.
  • Don’t grow all herbs in a single pot. If you are using large container, use partition to grow multiple herbal plants.
  • Prevent herbs from pests
  • Most herbs prefer sweet soil with higher pH value.
  • Trim herbs regularly to encourage new growth.

Published: 09/30/2015
Last Medical Review: 03/03/2016

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