How to Get Rid of Lizards

Everyone listen of nasty lizard that is capable of creating a big nuisance in our homes. Though there are some benefits of this nasty lizards as they reduce insects, spider, flies or cockroach in our homes. But regardless of these benefits we not want this uninvited guests in our homes. Without further delay, choose one of these superb home remedies to get rid of lizards from home and bid farewell to lizards from the house permanently!

How To Get Rid Of Lizards in Home Naturally
How To Get Rid Of Lizards in Home Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Lizards in Home Naturally

After doing a great amount of research and experiment to get rid of lizards in our homes. I am in the position to share some natural tips to get rid of these uninvited guests in our homes.

1Make Your House Inhospitable To The Lizards

A dirty/messy house invites all sort of pests by providing them hiding place and food. A dirty/messy house invite these insects, cockroach or flies and you are inviting lizards in your house. Take care of garbage, leftover food and unclean floor to keep away all sorts of pests from your house. Also keep your room cold as they nasty creature like warmth.

2No Food For The Lizards – No Lizards

Lizard only enter in our homes to find food like insects, cockroach or flies that are present in our homes. There are huge number of insects that invite lizards in our homes. If you find any trick to repel mosquitoes in home i.e. lizard food from your house like use pesticides or other insect killer to prevent food for lizards.

If you keep your home clean and prevent these lizards food from your homes, there is no reason of lizard to enter in your house.

3Make It Hard For Lizards To Enter In

Lizards are remarkable flexible and can easily enter in your house through a small crack in doors or windows. Keep your doors or windows close and stuff the crack or hole using paper, cloth or bubble gums to get rid of lizards.

4Onion and Garlic

Onion and garlic helps in scaring away lizards. Place onion or garlic in the hidden place and entering place of lizards. Bad odor of onion and garlic is irritating and unbeatable for lizards and helps in get rid of lizards.

5Use Laxman Rekha

Many of us heard of Laxman Rekha as a magical chalk which are used to get rid of insects, cockroach or flies. Draw lines of Laxman Rekha at entering point of insects or lizard. This is the another way to get rid of lizard food from your home.

6Use Naphthalene Balls

Naphthalene balls are good pests controller, put these naphthalene balls in your water sinks or wardrobes. This naphthalene balls works good to get rid of insects and lizards.

7Make Pepper Pesticide Spray

Add pepper in water to make a pesticide spray for kitchen and fridge. Sprinkle this pepper pesticide spray on your gas stoves, kitchen racks, near light bulbs, tube light and fridge. This spray irritate lizards and other insects and vacate your house.

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Now elimination of lizards is not a puzzling task, if you consider our simple natural tips. Apply our tips and tricks to get rid of lizards from your property. Feel free to share your views and comments us in comments box below.

Published: 08/15/2015
Last Medical Review: 03/13/2016

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