Illegal use of Oxytocin in India

Healthcare providers revealed that oxytocin was the most commonly available and used drug for labour augmentation. It has become clear that the hormone is still being used for all the wrong purposes – notably to increase sizes of vegetables and fruits; to induce early puberty among girls who have been dragged into the flesh trade; to extract more milk from the cows; or to induce quick childbirth. Here below 4 Illegal use of Oxytocin in India, major industry where oxytocin widely misused in India and other countries.

About Oxytocin:

Health Ministry banned Oxytocin
Health Ministry banned Oxytocin

Oxytocin usage in Dairy Industry:

Dairy farmers excessively use oxytocin it to extract more milk from the cows and buffaloes. Oxytocin is a naturally occurring hormone that is widely misused in the dairy industry to make livestock release milk at a time convenient to farmers.

Illegal use of Oxytocin in India - The Dark Side of Oxytocin

The use of oxytocin in animals in unethical. Because, the use for milking is painful to animals. The action of hormone causes the uterus of the cattle to contract, causing immense pain.

The drug in the milk can eventually reach humans and cause medical problems such as nausea, early puberty and foetal damage.

Illegal use of Oxytocin in Agriculture:

Oxytocin is also used by several farmers to increase sizes of fruits and vegetables. The hormone is also used to increase the size of vegetables such as pumpkins, watermelons, brinjals, gourds and cucumbers.

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Illegal use of Oxytocin in Healthcare Centre:

Oxytocin is used to speed up child birth. It alter natural phenomenon of child birth and may leads to serius health problems for child and mother.

Illegal use in Early Puberty:

Oxytocin also known as love hormone has a tremendous effect on kids’ ability to function socially. Oxytocin is released during most activities that cause people to bond to one another. It results hugging, kissing, holding hands, giving birth and breast-feeding, among them. There is growing evidence that the oxytocin system plays a key role in how early social interactions impact complex social behaviors throughout our lives.

Health Ministry banned Illegal use of Oxytocin in India:

The Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) has put all the states and Union Territories on high alert regarding oxytocin.

Illegal use of Oxytocin in India - Health Ministry banned Oxytocin
Illegal use of Oxytocin in India – Health Ministry banned Oxytocin

The CDSCO has asked the authorities to maintain a high vigil to curb the illegal sale of the hormone.

In 2014, the Union government had banned the retail sale of oxytocin injections.

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In Apr 2018, the Union Ministry of Health has now taken some belated but very welcome steps based on recommendations of CDSCO (Central Drug Standard Control Organization) and DTAB (Drug Technical Advisory Board):

  • It has restricted Oxytocin manufacture for domestic use to public sector only.
  • It has also accepted a DTAB recommendation to ensure that all oxytocin products should display bar-codes to ensure tracking.
  • It also recommended that sale be limited to registered government hospitals and clinics, a bar code system used on all forms of the drug to ensure tracking and prevent abuse.

Law related to Oxytocin:

Illegal use of Oxytocin in India - Law Related to Oxytocin
Illegal use of Oxytocin in India – Law Related to Oxytocin

We believe that our study findings would be a conservative estimate of the extent of oxytocin use since many women might have received the drug without explanation suggesting unnecessary use in government as well as private healthcare services.

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