Is Coffee Good for your Liver?

Every day people drink coffee to increase wakefulness and to increase concentration and focus on their work. From many years, medical expert advice to drink less coffee because many research suggest that it may increase heart problems. But many of them not known the benefits of coffee in their life. A research conducted in UK-based World Cancer Research Fund International shows that high consumption of coffee may protect against liver cancer.

Is Coffee Good for your Liver News From Research
Is Coffee Good for your Liver – News From Research

Just 3 Cups of Coffee Good for your Liver? Research Shows

Research shows that person who take atleast one cup of coffee every day have lower risk of liver cancer as compared to those who only indulge occasionally like 2-3 times a week. If you take one cup coffee every day then risk of liver cancer is reduced by approx 15% while some result indicate that if you take 3 cup of coffee regularly then risk of liver cancer reduce by 50%.

In this research, researchers create a report on the basis of data collected from articles published between 1996 to 2012. This report is published in 2013 and track 8.2 million people worldwide who took part in 34 studies and found more than 24500 people had liver cancer. The objective of this research is to determine how weight, diet and our daily activity affect the risk of liver cancer or other liver problems.

3 Drink Per Day May Increase Risk of Liver Cancer

As many of you already aware of that alcoholic consumption increase risk of liver problem and cause liver cancer. Liver cancer risk may be increased by 4% if you take 10g of alcohol every day i.e. around one alcoholic drink increase risk of liver cancer by 4%. As a result 3 drink per day cause significant liver problem and may also cause liver damage. Research also find that drinking one cup of coffee regularly might protect liver against the alcoholic abuse.

Is Coffee Good for your Liver?

Research also shows that there is also a close relation between obesity and liver problems. Obesity is a major health problem with increasing prevalence in both children and adult, there are many diseases like diabetes, heart problem, blood pressure and a form of liver problem. So maintain your weight for healthy liver and for good health.

Our daily physical activity and fish consumption also decrease the risk of liver problems but we need more research before any conclusion.

High consumption of coffee regularly also reduce the chance of canker sore but high consumption may cause heart problems and blood pressure and we advice that pregnant woman should limit their daily coffee intake for healthy baby.

Conclusion: According to the report, you can reduce risk of liver problem by maintaining your weight, your daily alcohol intake and by taking coffee regularly.

Caution: This report is generated in 2012. The facts and conclusions presented here may changed or need more updation. The information provided here should not be use in any medical emergency or for diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition.

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Published: 05/21/2015
Last Medical Review: 03/10/2016

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