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Bizarre Medicine in the Middle Ages

Medical science has long storied history of trying out cures that later strike us as wacky. What are the craziest medical practices from all of human history? Get the facts on ten unconventional treatments and bizarre medicine in the middle ages as prescribed by the physicians of history.

1Hemiglossectomy, Tongue Cutting

What the best treatment for stammering? Well we follow some medicines, therapy, and counseling. But in 18th and 19th centuries, doctors follow a totally different treatment, they cut off half of stutters tongue, this treatment called hemiglossectomy. Often this bizarre treatment still used today but only to treat oral cancer.

Medieval Treatments, Bizarre Medicine in the middle Ages
Hemiglossectomy, Tongue Cutting

2Mercury to Treat Syphilis, Bizarre Medicine in the Middle Ages

As we know, mercury is toxic as hell but until the early 20th century, most doctor’s best treatment is to administering patients with life threatening mercury, was used as a popular medicine for sexual transmitted disease, syphilis. Side effects of this treatment include ulcerations, tooth loss, neurological damage or patients often died from liver and kidney damage caused by mercury poisoning.

Medieval Treatments, Bizarre Medicine in the middle Ages
Mercury to Treat Syphilis

3Farts in a Jar

In the Medieval Period, some doctors believed that “like cures like”. So during the Black Death, which was thought to be cause by lethal vapors, some doctors encouraged people to seal their farts into jars, and open the jars when the plague hit town. Ah, what a medieval logic.

Medieval Treatments, Bizarre Medicine in the middle Ages
Farts in a Jar

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