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9Radium Therapy, Bizarre Medicine in the Middle Ages

Radium is understood as health hazard and long term exposure increase the risk of several health and genetic disorder. Before radioactivity was fully understood, a promotional advertisement for radioactive therapy touts preparing radioactive drinking water at home or in hospital. In 19th century, water was kept in radium-laced buckets, and people would drink this radioactive water to cure everything from arthritis to impotence.

Medieval Treatments, Bizarre Medicine in the middle Ages
Radium Therapy

10Snail Syrup to Cure Cough

In 1728, a doctor wrote that he experienced very good in weakness after consumption of snail syrup. To make snail syrup, collect snail (one pound) from garden in early morning and take off their shell, slit them and with sugar (one pound), put them in a bag; hang them in a cellar and the syrup will melt and drop through, keep it for use.

Medieval Treatments, Bizarre Medicine in the middle Ages
Snail Syrup to Cure Cough

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