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Medieval Medicine, Dangerous Medieval Medical Treatments

There are several options available for medical treatments like Homeopathy, Allopathy, Ayurveda, Acupressure, Naturopathy, Neuropathology Acupuncture, and many more but the history of medical treatment is filled with stories of strange outlandish remedies and curious cures. Here below some weird medieval medicine and medieval medical treatments and theories are so bizarre that it’s hard to believe they are true. Some of these bizarre medieval medical treatments we’re still using today.

1Dead Mouse – Medieval Medical Treatments

Who’d put a dead mouse in the mouth only to treat toothache and to relieve other body parts? Well ancient Egyptian did these medieval medical treatments as all-cure remedies from common ailments like earache, toothache, and from other injuries. Ancient Egyptian put a dead mouse as medieval medicine on the tooth of the patient in dental distress. In some cases, dead mouse paste mashed with other ingredients and applied to the body where patient claimed to have pain.

Medieval Medicine, Dangerous Medieval Medical Treatments
Dead Mouse – Medieval Medical Treatments

These weird medieval medical treatments are not only followed in Egypt. In Elizabethan, England, this dead mouse therapy is used to treat warts by put a half cut mouse on the warts. This bizarre medieval medicine and therapy was also used to treat many other medical illnesses like smallpox, measles, whooping cough and bonus! A rotten mouse will help deter kids from peeing the bed.

2Hemiglossectomy Dangerous Medieval Medical Treatments

What can you do to stop stammering? Some therapies, medicines, counseling or hemiglossectomy, one of the most bizarre medieval medical treatments for stammering. Way back in 18th and 19th centuries, doctors believed that the best way to treat stammer is to cut off half of their tongue. Common sense tell us that this treatment cannot have worked in treating stammer or stutter, more likely cause more other problems such as infection, blood loss or even bleed to dead.

Medieval Medicine, Dangerous Medieval Medical Treatments
Hemiglossectomy – Dangerous Medieval Medical Treatments

Hemiglossectomy is a medical procedure that involves removal of part of patient’s tongues to treat oral cancer. This treatment still in practices today in many countries followed by plastic surgeries and other method for improving the life of patient’s who undergoes hemiglossectomy.

3Goat Testicle Implant – Medieval Medical Treatments

In early 1900s, John Brinkley (1885-1942) in America is one of the richest doctors without any medical degree or qualification. Shocked? Do you want to know how? Well He claimed that he can cure infertility, impotency, and many other related health problems. Dr. John Brinkley (after he purchased a shady medical degree) use only goat testicle in their treatment. He surgically implant goat testicle into man’s scrotum. His bizarre medical treatments have no medical evidence but many people died of this wackiest medical surgery.

Medieval Medicine, Dangerous Medieval Medical Treatments
Goat Testicle Implant – Medieval Medical Treatments

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