Misleading Advertising Techniques

Every day you are surrounded by advertisements. You see it on television or news paper and over the radio all the time. You are seeing advertisement on internet, in our mail and bill board also. Advertisement is everywhere! For every hour of TV we watched, we are probably seeing 15 minutes of advertisement in our serial and news channels.

Have you ever thought why these money maker brands company needs to advertise their products and need brand ambassador to advertise their goods and services. Why would they hire celebrity, TV serial actress and other leading face for cosmetic products like fair cream, shampoo, food items or washing powder.

Advertisements are the medium of products and services to reach the buyers, is the great way of promoting goods and services at the best qualities. These advertisement company only tend to tell buyers only the positive things or benefits of products, they always omit the negative side.

Top 5 Misleading Advertisements Examples
Top 5 Misleading Advertisements Examples

Advertisement is not only to sell products, they are also lure consumer about some services i.e. offering a shuttle services to the international airport OR business airport hotel at superb rate with free meals and beverages but they not give any services as described.

Top 5 Misleading Advertisements Examples

Advertising company use different ways to grab buyers. They have many techniques to make hole in buyers pocket. Some technique includes,

  1. Bandwagon technique, This technique tell you that every one buy the product except you, order the last one to get your bandwagon. For example “Every kid have this cool branded school bag, Get Your Bag To Become The Part of This Block”.
  2. Hiring celebrity, This technique hire popular face or famous celebrity to brand their products and services. Endorsement celebrity is a great idea to brand goods and services because many buyers think if this famous celebrity using this product, it’s must be really great.
  3. Eye catching attractive images, This is the another misleading advertising techniques to attract buyers using some eye catching image but in realty there is no relation between products and image. For example a pretty cute girl walking in colorful and romantic nature with a pleasing voice “Get Back To Nature and get Cool Jeans”
  4. Buy One Get One Free, This is most attractive way to grab buyers. Get 70% off, Free gift on shopping above $50, Sale Sale Sale etc, Heavy discount, these type of ad are most popular and make fooled many costumers.

    Top 5 Misleading Advertisements Examples
    Beware of These Top 5 Misleading Advertising Techniques
  5. Moms are always looking for best food and skin products for their baby, but these advertising company have different tricks to lure and attract children’s about some deceptive and unhealthy foods. Advertiser use Cartoonist to attract children’s about attractive packaged food products like Chocolate, Flavored Milk, Toffee, Junk food, Canned Juice or Snacks.

Beware of Misleading Advertising Techniques Choose Product From Your Brain

It is difficult to weed out truth from fiction in the world of advertisement today. It’s all depends on consumer to take good decision. Don’t get fooled by misleading advertisement that make hole in your pocket. Choose the best from variety of options and don’t forget to check other consumer’s reviews. Always beware of fake image that is not have any relation with actual product they are advertising. This is the only mantra to beware of misleading advertisement techniques. Buyers must check every aspect of products/service before actual buying the product and must watch out the footnotes and Asterisk mark (*).