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Most Disgusting Food Combination

Have you ever thought to eat spicy heart, wriggling octopus, pig blood or fried brain? Of course not, but they all consider delicacies in many parts of world. Here’s a list of top 12 weirdest and most disgusting food combination from around the world.

12Balut, Most Disgusting Food

Balut, a real life alien in an egg is a developing duck embryo that is boiled alive in the shell. It is taste like regular boiled egg with extra crunchy inside. This is the most shocking and common street food famous in Philippines. Peoples from different countries love to eat and often take it with beer to enjoy the fine taste.

Where it’s sold: Philippines and South-East Asia

World's Weirdest and Most Disgusting Food Combination
Balut, Can’t say I have the stomach for it

11Fugu (Puffer fish)

This is one of the foods which involve risking your life. Fugu is a fish that can cause a violent death if not cooked correctly. Puffer fish skin and some of its organs contains tetrodotoxin that is extremely toxin and can paralyze you or even kills you if its toxic part not removed correctly. More than 20 peoples are died in Japan by eating this food in last decade. [Read: Top 5 Unhealthy Foods to Never Eat]

Where it’s sold: Japan, Eat at your own risk.

World's Weirdest and Most Disgusting Food Combination
Fugu – Second most poisonous vertebrates in the world

10Deep Fried Tarantulas

These little chaps are Fried Spiders popular in Cambodia served with a lime, garlic and black pepper dip in the Phnom Penh restaurant Romdeng. If you are looking for a delicious fried food, Tarantulas is the top choice in Skuon, Cambodia.

Where it’s sold: Cambodian’s traditional dish available in Cambodian street market

World's Weirdest and Most Disgusting Food Combination
Deep Fried Tarantulas, Weirdest and Most Disgusting Food Combination

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