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9Smalahove, Most Disgusting Food

You right, exactly this ship’s head traditionally served with sour milk, potatoes and with beer in Norway. This is most peculiar dish from the Norwegian cuisine and has long traditions on the West Coast of Norway. Usually this weird food is eaten before Christmas. Since 1998, this is made from head of a lamb by steamed for few hours.

Where it’s sold: Norway

World's Weirdest and Most Disgusting Food Combination
Smalahove, Scull was split in two parts and the brain was removed

8Blood Tofu

Look like yummy delicious chocolates, but don’t get fool these slices or chunks are lumps of jelly-consistency pigs, ducks and ship blood. These yummy looking delicacies have no taste and usually served with other food. In China, blood of these animals is also used.

Where it’s sold: Southern China and Hong Kong

World's Weirdest and Most Disgusting Food Combination
Blood Tufu also known as Pig Blood Curd


Sannakji, a live octopus is a traditional dish of Korea. This is another most disgusting food combination that rank high in the cruelty scale and served raw. Octopus cut into small pieces and served very raw, moving on the plate as you reach for your chopsticks.

Where it’s sold: Korea

World's Weirdest and Most Disgusting Food Combination
Sannakji, Served while the tentacles are still wriggling

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