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Beondegi (pronounced Bon-DAY-Gee), Literally meaning “pupa” or “chrysalis” is a boiled silk worm. These silkworm pupae are traditionally served as a snack in Korea. When you in Korean mini and large market, you always smell the juice of silk worm larvae boiling in their cauldron. This Korean snacks also sold in United State but is limited to canned beondegi sold at Korean grocery stores that not taste as original.

Where it’s sold: Every market in Korea

World's Weirdest and Most Disgusting Food Combination
Beondegi, Why not try a few beondegi

2Surstromming, Weirdest Food Combination

Baltic fish is caught in the month of May and June and then fermented for 6-8 weeks before being tinned and continued to ferment for 6 months with just enough salt to prevent it from rotten. This Baltic fish, surstromming releases the most putrid odor of any food that’s usually eaten outdoors.

Where it’s sold: Northern Sweden

World's Weirdest and Most Disgusting Food Combination
In 2006, Surstömming is banned in several major Airplanes

1Bird’s Nest Soup

Bird’s Nest Soup is famous in China (as well as Indonesia and Taiwan) for hundreds of years where people used saliva nest in their cooking mostly in this soup. Nest of the birds called cave swift or swiftlet are famous for making this soup, these bird produce special nest in cave throughout Southern Asia. Flavor of this soup largely depends on the geographical region of nest. This is the most expensive and most disgusting food on earth with red nest variety costing upto $10,000/bowl.

Where it’s sold: Famous in China, Indonesia and Taiwan

World's Weirdest and Most Disgusting Food Combination
Bird’s Nest Soup

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