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5Water Hemlock, One of the Most Poisonous Plants

Found: Found in North America and Native to the temperate region of Northern Hemisphere.

Water hemlock is a member of carrot family and one of the most violent and deadliest plants around the world mostly found in North America. This plant contain white and green color umbrella shaped beautiful flowers. Water Hemlock contains poisonous toxic chemical named cicutoxin  in all parts of plant but most toxic is concentrated in root part and may take 15 minutes to 6 hours to develop symptoms like vomiting, increased pulse, nausea, abdomen pain, muscle twitch and ingestion in large doses can cause death in less than 15 minutes.

World's Most Poisonous Plants, Deadliest Plants Around the World
Water Hemlock – Most Poisonous Plants

6Lily of The Valley

Found: Native to cool temperate of Northern Hemisphere in Asia and Europe.

Lily of the Valley is also known as mayflowers and is one of the most poisonous plants whose whole part from tip to the bell shaped white flowers can cause serious health problems. Small bite of this poisonous plant can cause headache, nausea, irritability, clammy skin and other problems . Water in which Lily-of-the-valley is planted is also contains trace of toxic chemicals and cause serious heart problems.

World's Most Poisonous Plants, Deadliest Plants Around the World
Lily of The Valley

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