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7Doll’s Eye, Most Poisonous Plants

Found: Native to Eastern and Northern of North America.

This plant is very beautiful because of its fruits resembles eyes of doll. This plant had taken the lives of many children’s because of its beauty which attract many children’s. The whole parts of this plant is toxic but most toxic is concentrated in flower or fruit part is highly toxic and deadliest. The white berry or fruit of this plant is very beautiful with black stigma which looks like eyes of doll. Berry contains highly toxic chemical called cardiogenic, Ingestion of these berry can lead to cardiac arrest and leads to death.

World's Most Poisonous Plants, Deadliest Plants Around the World
Doll’s Eye – Most Poisonous Plants

8English Yew

Found: Native to Britain and also Found much of Europe, Western Asia and North Africa.

English Yew is one of the deadliest small to medium size tree on planet which have red soft berry fruit called armor. This evergreen fruit is common in the forest of Europe. Except the berry armor red fruits of this plant which is eaten by birds, all parts of this plant is poisonous and cause serious health problems like problem in breathing, muscles tremors, convulsion or can cause cardiac arrest. Sometimes in case of heavy consumption can cause death without any symptom.

World's Most Poisonous Plants, Deadliest Plants Around the World
English Yew Plant

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