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9Strychnine Tree

Found: Native to India and South East of Asia.

Strychnine tree is one of the medium size poisonous tree that is also known as suicide tree. The small seeds inside the fruit of this plant contains lethal level of poison called Alkaloids Strychnine. Even a 30 milligram of this poison is very fatal and leads to very painful death.

World's Most Poisonous Plants, Deadliest Plants Around the World
Strychnine Tree – Most Poisonous Plants

10Dumb Cane – Home Decoration Plant

Found: Native to new world tropics.

This is a common shading plant use in many houses and gardens for decoration. But nature lovers beware before planting this tropical plant in your garden and house. Dumb Cane plant is one of the most poisonous plants across the world. Chewing of small part of this leafy pant can cause serious oral problems like pain in throat, mouth or can cause throat swelling. And ingestion of large quantity of this plant will kill you. Beware of keeping this plant away from children’s.

World's Most Poisonous Plants, Deadliest Plants Around the World
Dumb Cane – Most Poisonous Plants

Published: 05/22/2015
Last Medical Review: 01/25/2016


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