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Case2: Ali Hussain Khan, The Boy With the Body of a 110 Years Old

Ali Hussain Khan from Bihar, India, is only 14 years old, but the condition, called progeria, has given him the body of a 110 years old. Ali Hussain Khan or The Khan Family (6 Children in a family suffered from progeria), one of the rarest progeria cases in India. But despite suffering such a terrible loss, brave Ali refuses to give up, and hope a miracle cure. The boy said he wants to live longer and wishes for some kind of medicine to cure his rare condition and so he will reach adulthood.

Progeria Cases in India - Nihal Bitla and Ali Hussain, The Khan Family
Ali Hussain Khan, The Boy With the Body of a 110 Years Old, Progeria Cases in India

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His parents Nabi, 50, and Razi, 46, are first cousins, have eight children out of the six are suffered from progeria. Four born with progeria died between ages 12 and 24. Another child, who died shortly (within 24 hours) after birth, is also thought to have had the disease. Two of their daughters  Sanjeeda (20-years) and Chanda (10-years) born without the killer disease, one of them (Sanjeeda) married with two healthy children.

“When their first daughter, Rehana, was born in 1983 they had no idea anything was wrong at first. The doctor was baffled about the mysterious condition. At that time, progeria was poorly documented and little was known about it. We never heard of word ‘Progeria’ and Doctors never mention it. If a doctor had perhaps told us about this genetic disorder, we would’ve stopped having children.” said Nabi to Daily Mail.

Ali Hussain Khan under the care of charitable institution in Kolkata

Life was made unbearable for the five children growing up with Progeria, a rare genetic disorder  without treatment. Ali and his parents are now under the care of Kolkata based charitable institution called SB Devi Charity. Dr Chandan Chattopadhyay (Paediatrician), from Kolkata, introduced the family to the organisation. Now all his medical expenses are being covered by SB Devi Charity in Kolkata.

Case3: Five Years Old Aditya from Rajasthan

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Progeria has a very low incident rate, occurring in an estimated 1 per 8 million live births. Children born with the rare disorder live only till their mid teens and early twenties.

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