Why Tyre Burst on Yamuna Expressway?

Yamuna Expressway, this is the best highway for those who liked to speed up their car and enjoy long journey of 165 km from Greater Noida  to Agra. But this highway, I have ever seen…. Great for accident and maximum of them due to tyre burst. The most killer reasons for tyre burst on Yamuna expressway is speedy driving for that this cemented highway is commonly termed as killer highway.

Reasons for Tyre Burst on Yamuna Expressway

About 85% of road is build using concrete and cement which is major cause of tyre heating and bursting than bitumen use in making city roads and this is the main cause of E-way accident.

Why Tyre Burst on Yamuna Expressway? – Keys to Drive Safe
Why Tyre Burst on Yamuna Expressway? – Keys to Drive Safe

Speedy driving cause excessive heating which is beyond the specify limit due to friction and frequent braking which increases tyre pressure and puts pressure on the wall of tyre and at any weakest point, tyre burst happens after reached its maximum strength.

Keys to Drive Safe on Yamuna Expressway

Main reasons for tyre burst on yamuna expressway is to excessive heating of tyre which is beyond their designed rating due to increased friction, high speed driving and frequent braking which finally result in tyre bursting. There are some instruction to control your vehicle in unfortunate event of tyre burst.

reasons for tyre burst on yamuna expressway
Yamuna Expressway Road Trip – Keys to Drive Safe
  1. Tyre check could save your life, car tyre should be checked minutely before landing on Yamuna E-way.
  2. Tyre pressure: Air pressure in car must be maintained for proper control. If pressure is below as prescribed, tyre footprint will be more and it could result in overheating due to lots of friction.
  3. Don’t forget to carry spare tyre in very good condition.
  4. Check your tyre for foreign object damage(FOD), a small sharp edge stone can damage your tyre if its stuck inside the thread.
  5. Experts also recommend to fill nitrogen gas for greater durability.
  6. Always carry tyre pressure gauge and check your tyre pressure regularly on yamuna expressway.
  7. Don’t exceed speed limit, high speed driving on concrete road is main cause of accident.
  8. Expert also suggest use of tubeless tyres because it’s give you more time to bring vehicle to halt.

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What are Benefits of Nitrogen Filled Tyres?

User Experience: There is no huge benefit of nitrogen filled tyre except nitrogen filled tyre maintain constant pressure with a little change of 2-3psi when tyre get heated due to constant drive. This also helps in improving tyre life of my i10. But nitrogen gas is too costly and not easily available as compared to normal air filled in tyres. My surrounding tyre dealer charge 150 for my 5 tyres.

Final Thought: Follow all road safety rules and regulation while driving is the key to safe your journey on yamuna expressway and city roads.