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Other self treatment for cell phone addiction – add some limitations, boundaries, and structure may help

Take responsibility and Keep busy!

If you have a specific plan for each day and you are focusing on your responsibilities, you will have less time to spend on your phone. The bonus is that you will spend more time focusing on your goals rather than checking your cell phone.

Keep it silent or in airplane mode

Self Treatment for Cell Phone Addiction - A Behavioural Disorder
Keep your phone silent or in airplane mode while driving

It is impossible for your mind to be at two places at once, it is a law of physics. Turn your Phone on silent mode when you are driving. It is not only helps you to get rid of your phone but also keep you at safer zone.

Take help from apps

There are a numerous apps on the Play Store that actually help you limit your smartphone usage. Some of these include AppDetox and Rescue Time. You can download and configure them as per your convenience to keep your smartphone usage under check.

Leave your phone at home sometimes

A walk in the park, a trip to the coffee shop, even meeting up with your friends at the bar for a quick brewski—try leaving your phone at home.

Yes, turn it off

There’s nothing you need to do in the middle of the night, turn off your cell at night. This should be pretty obvious, but it is still not practiced by most people. Switch off the phone before going to sleep. It’s as simple as that.

Social support

Social support is a crucial component of mental health. Having a positive social network produces feelings of safety and connectedness. Consult your problems with your family and friends, You can explain what action you have taken to get rid of cell phone.

Take a cell phone holiday

Cut cell phone use or cut off your internet for whole day in a week, this will help cut out of your life completely for a short period of time such as a weekend.

Switch back to feature phone

If you are using your smartphone only for playing game, Internet surfing and unnecessary chatting, then change it to normal featured phone. This is painful but surely this will help in smartphone addiction.

Get a real alarm clock

If your phone is the thing that woke you up, then it tempting us to reach for your phone first thing in the morning, especially. And so we wake up with our phone in our hands, this is the first place to start cutting back.

Set “no-phone” zone

Self Treatment for Cell Phone Addiction - A Behavioural Disorder
Self Treatment for Cell Phone Addiction – A Behavioural Disorder

You should at least demarcate some specified “no-phone” times or zones. An obvious option is during walking, talking or during meals.

Strict data usage

Applying strict data limits reduces cell phone usage. Internet is main issue, without Internet phone have no much use, so restrict your data usage or buy limited data plans.

Complicate your phone lock code

You can’t check your phone if you can’t get into your phone! Set up your phone to lock immediately, and make your lock code very complicated with more than 15 digits long include special characters, uppercase letter, lowercase letters, and numbers.

Cell phone addiction doesn’t have to ruin your life, your mind capability, your work, or your relationships with others.

If above self treatment for cell phone addiction still don’t help, it might be a sign that cell phone addiction is more than realized. In that case it is better to consult psychotherapist who has experience in treating this addictions.

So if you’re reading this, text, email, or share this article to your friends or family members who are addicted to cell phone. Let them know you care. Set a time to see them.

And then put the phone away.

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