Side Effects of Hair Rebonding

Hair is vital part of one’s personality regardless of girl, men or woman. Every one want to have healthy, beauty and shiny hair that meets their personality. In the world of fashion, many people both girl and men are going crazy about hair and they choose hair rebonding method for shiny, smooth and silky hair. But many of them not known about side effects of hair rebonding. There are many side effect of hair rebonding process and you will shocked to known that hair rebonding may led to baldness. However this is not mandatory that every person face side effect, side effects of hair rebonding is differ from person to person and this is also possible that you not face even a single side effect.

What is Hair Rebonding?

Side Effects of Hair Rebonding

As you know that hair has natural bond which we got in heredity and depends on our race. Natural bonds may be straight, waxy, curly or any other shape. As the name suggest, hair rebonding is the rearrangement of chemical bond present in hair i.e. breaking of natural bond and create new bonds in them. This process use hair softener and strong chemicals like perming lotion. This whole process is very harmful because continuous heat and chemicals are applied to hair which result in weaken the hair shaft and hence hair can easily break.

How is Hair Rebonding Done?

Hair rebonding not take much time it takes some hours which depends on some factors like its length, thickness or shape. Process start by cleaning up your hair and its include:

  1. First of all, washed off your hair with mild shampoo, without conditioner because conditioner is use in later stage.
  2. Leave your hair as it is after washed to dry it naturally or dry completely using dryer in mild setting.
  3. Hair is separated into parts and hair softener cream is applied by your salonist to every part of your shaft.
  4. Electric heated styling device with two metal plates is use to keep hair straight after application of softener cream or relaxant. Hair softener cream or relaxant is applied for approx 30 minutes which depends on your hair type.
  5. Step 4 is followed by streaming process which takes about 15-40 minutes which again depends on your hair shape, length and texture.
  6. After that hair is rinsed off and dried using blower/dryer.
  7. Keratin lotion is applied and flat iron is use to straight any part of your hair that is left curl.
  8. After that your salonist will part your hair and neutralizer is applied for approx 30 minutes to set back your bond and to stabilize your hair structure.
  9.  Rinsed off your hair with cold water and dry it completely and apply any serum to nourish your hair.

What are Side Effects of Hair Rebonding?

Hair rebonding makes your hair shiny, straight and good looking but there are many side effects and several risk regarding your hair, scalp and skin.

Side Effects of Hair Rebonding
Side Effects of Hair Rebonding – Every Woman Must Know
  1. One of the most common and biggest side effect of hair rebonding is Dryness which result in weak and fragile hair. Natural moisture retaining capability of hair is loss and hair become dull and frizzy with time.
  2. Second one side effect of hair rebonding is Allergy, which depends on person to person. Since we use strong chemicals in rebonding process which result in allergy like itching on skin, redness on scalp, continuous itching on other body part or eye infection. In all these case you have to consult with your doctor as soon as possible.
  3. Hair loss or hair fall is common side effect after hair rebonding because hair rebonding process uses toxic chemicals and heating of your hair which result in hair weaker.
  4. If your rebonding is permanent then you can’t change your hair style and hence you have to keep your hair straight throughout your life. If your rebonding is temporarily, then it is also difficult to change hair style.

What Extra Care Need for Rebonding Hair?

Rebonding hair need utmost care, you have to follow your salonist or instructor and do exactly as what he/she says. Here are some tips to take care of rebonded hair:

  1. Do not wet your hair for three days after rebonding and ignore swimming.
  2. You can’t tie your hair for one month and also not stuck your hair behind your ear. Keep your hair in same state where it require shape.
  3. Use cold water to wash your hair as hot water may rob it off its moisture.
  4. Keep your hair straight while sleeping.
  5. Do not use regular shampoo after rebonding, you have to choose other shampoo as prescribed by your salonist or instructor.
  6. Go for regular check or touch ups for atleast six months.

This is all about hair rebonding and side effects of hair rebonding differ from one person to other as some people not face any single side effect but some are facing critical issues and allergy. So please do let us known if you felt or facing any side effect regarding hair rebonding in comment box.

Published: 05/21/2015
Last Medical Review: 03/10/2016

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