Sign and Symptoms of Migraine Headache

Migraine is a severe painful headache usually on one side of your head, this is the leading problem in today’s world. In united state about 30 million people have migraines and this is more common in men as compared to woman. Migraine headache is very sensitive to light and sound and cause vomiting, nausea and severe throbbing headache. We all heard about migraine headache but not know about cause and symptoms of migraine headache. Many people can’t differentiate migraine headache and just a bad headache and they use pills as pain killer and make your migraine more severe.

 Is This Migraine Headache or Just a Bad Headache? Symptoms of Migraine Headache

Is This Migraine Headache or Just a Bad Headache? Symptoms of Migraine Headache

Sign and Symptoms of Migraine Headache

There are main two types of migraine i.e.

Common Migraine – Migraine Without Aura

As the name suggest, this is the most common type of migraine headache. Its symptoms includes one side headache, nausea, vomiting, pain in eye, numbness etc.

Classic Migraine – Migraine With Aura

About 1 in every 4 people with migraine headache have migraine with aura. Its symptoms are same as that of common migraine but patient with classic migraine generate specific symptoms i.e. aura before headache begins.

Is This Migraine Headache or Just a Bad Headache? Symptoms of Migraine Headache


This is the visual effects such as flickering light, shimmering light spots and stars, blurred vision, flashy lines etc. Patient with migraine headache experience aura that begin 30 minutes to an hour before migraine headache start.


Patient  with migraine headache feel yawning before one or two day. Excessive yawning is a big sign of migraine headache that is not common in other headache.

3Pain in One Side of Your Head

Generally tension pain or other type of pain cause pain all over your head but migraine pain cause throbbing headache on one side either on left or right of your head.

4Sensitive to Sound

Most people are complaining that their headache is sensitive to acute sound. Normal volume sound can trigger migraine headache and loudly or horny sound can worsen the condition of patient.

5Sensitive to Smell

Some people with migraine headache are sensitive to smell which trigger migraine headache. This not occur with all type of smell, some particular smell or perfumes can trigger migraine and make it more severe.

6Sensitive to Light

8 Key Warning Sign and Symptoms of Migraine Headache
Sensitive to Light, Sound and Smell – Key Symptoms of Migraine Headache

Most people complained that their headache become severe in bright light. This is most common type, people with migraine are highly sensitive to light. The only way to get little relief is darkness.

For certain peoples with migraine headache, light, sound and certain smell can also be the migraine trigger.

7Numbness and Tingling

Patient with migraine headache feel sensation of tingling in feet and hand which normally start from finger tips to hand and face. Numbness is also associated with patient of migraine headache in legs, arm and some part on your face.

8Blurry, Vertigo, Shimmering or Double Vision

This type of visual sensation also part of aura stage of migraine headache. Sometime patient also get double vision. All these are key sign of migraine headache.

Some other addition symptoms commonly associated with migraine headache includes:

  • Eye Pain
  • Pain in Neck
  • Nausea/Vomiting
  • Restless Sleep

I hope after reading all these sign and symptoms of migraine headache, You can easily decide whether your headache is migraine or just a bad headache. You have to consult your doctor before your headache become worsen.

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Published: 06/02/2015
Last Medical Review: 03/13/2016

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