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13 Strange Laws From Around The World You Won’t Believe Exist

Strange Laws From Around The World Some countries have crazy law and regulations and they land up banning some unusual and crazy things. You might be shocked if you are living and growing in a country that free from all type of this weird law. Let me share some crazy[Read More…]

by April 13, 2016 Comments are Disabled Rare/Oddities
Arsenic Fed Chicken, EU

10 Banned Foods From Around The World, Good And Obvious Reasons

Banned Foods From Around The World If you are growing in a free progressive country, then it might be shocked to hear that some rules and regulations banned many tasty food items across different countries like Singapore, Denmark, France, Somalia, Canada and US. Here is a list of top 10[Read More…]

by April 12, 2016 Comments are Disabled Food & Drink