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Sign and Symptoms of Ebola

Symptoms of Ebola virus diseases (EVD) may appear any time in 2 to 21 days after infection. But it may more likely to appear in 8-10 days.

Initial symptoms of EVD are flue like and may include:

  • Sudden fever greater than 101.5 degree Centigrade
  • Pain in muscles and abdominal pain and other part of body
  • Terrible headache and lack of appetite
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Tiredness and diarrhea
  • Sore throat and feeling weak
  • Entire body covered with rashes
  • Or several constitutional sign and symptoms.
Symptoms of Ebola Virus Diseases
Symptoms of Ebola Virus Diseases
Later finding symptoms may include following:
  • Bleeding from intravenous puncture type and mucous membrane
  • Expressionless facies, tiredness, headache and confusion
  • In terminally ill condition patient face hypotension, coma, anuria and tachypnea type medical condition.
  • People should seek immediate medical care if they found any Ebola related symptoms and high fever greater than 101.5 degree centigrade.

How is Ebola Diagnosed?

Diagnosing of Ebola virus hemorrhagic fever is hard at the time of its sign and symptoms because symptoms of Ebola virus diseases closely mimic other common diseases like flu, typhoid, cholera and malaria. Sometimes doctor also get wrong result about Ebola virus and claim that it is malaria or common flu infection. Accurate test of Ebola is done by ELISA or PCR test which is conducted within few days of symptoms generate.

How is Ebola Diagnosed?
How is Ebola Diagnosed?

After successful recovery, patient also develop certain antibodies to the diseases in blood which confirm that disease was Ebola and so recovered Ebola infected person should not keep in contact with other for several months.

How to Cure Ebola Virus?

At present, there is no medicine or real treatment available to cure Ebola virus diseases bur researchers work hard to find cure or vaccine to cure Ebola infected patient. Ebola virus infection is treated with an experimental serum that destroy all the infected cell. Infected people must be treated in hospital to keep him away with contact with other peoples.

Prevention of Ebola Virus Infection

Researchers working hard to cure Ebola virus diseases but at present there is no cure or vacancy available to cure Ebola infected people. The only way to avoid getting infection is prevention. Here we are going to post some prevention method that surely help you to get away from Ebola virus.

  • Suspected or confirmed Ebola infected people must keep in isolate.
  • Do not use items that is handle by Ebola infected people.
  • Keep yourself and your surrounding hygiene.
  • Male who recovered from Ebola virus disease must not be indulge in sexual intercourse for several months or prescribed by doctor.
  • Avoid travelling to places where Ebola has been diagnosed.
  • Educate other persons and your relative about this deadly diseases.

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