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Story of Real Annabelle Doll

Real Annabelle doll is a Raggedy Ann doll resides in a wooden-glass box with a Holy cross and a sign saying, “Warning: Positively Do Not Open”. Presently doll is at the Warren’s Occult Museum at their Monroe home in Connecticut, USA. It was thought that the spirit of a dead seven years old innocent girl named Annabelle Higgins linked to the doll.

Meeting of famous paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren with Donna the owner of the real Annabelle doll. Her room-mate Angie and Lou, Angie’s fiancé about their experiences with Annabelle. The so-called “devil doll” that inspired the recent movie bearing name the Conjuring and Annabelle. Here below are 8 freaky facts about the real Annabelle doll, the real horror story of a haunting doll.


Annabelle (2014) Movie

True Story of Real Annabelle Doll Presents At The Museum
Movie Version Annebelle (Left) and the real Annabelle Doll (Right)

Annabelle’s movie inspired by the real story of the doll, Annabelle. The origin of Annabelle’s movie includes a fictitious explanation of how a demon could have entered the doll. And how the doll becomes Annabelle doll. However, some of the parts of Annabelle’s movie (which takes place in 1969, the year before Donna comes into possession of the Annabelle doll) are pure fiction. Donna and Angie had never been attacked by members of a satanic cult. Moreover, Annabelle’s movie not shows the real face of the doll. Instead, the producer redesigned a totally different vintage porcelain doll, giving her a much more disturbing appearance with horror looking face.

2Donna and Annabelle doll, how they met?

As shown in the Annabelle movie, husband John Form gives this Annabelle doll to his pregnant wife Mia who collects the doll, as a present but that was not true. The character in this movie is totally fictitious not related to the real Annabelle story. As we research deep into Annabelle’s real story and that also shows in the first scene of Annabelle’s movie. Donna’s mother gifted real Annabelle a doll to her as a 28th birthday present. Donna’s mother purchased that antique Raggedy Ann Doll from a hobby store in 1970.

3Is Annabelle doll responsible for any death?

True Story of Real Annabelle Doll Presents At The Museum
Real Annabelle Doll in at The Warren’s Occult Museum

Yes, but not to the degree as shown in the movie, Annabelle. A young man with his girlfriend apparently visited the Warren’s Occult Museum on his motorcycle and started to mock the doll, while doing so the doll ran up and start tapping on the top glass case. The young man challenged the doll to put scratches on his body. Approximately after three hours of this event, a young man lost control of his bike (after poking fun at the doll’s activities) and died of an accident while his girlfriend hospitalized for over a year.

The doll is locked in a special case and not able to run but the spirit in the doll makes it move in different areas of the abode. It was thought that the evil spirit in the doll was responsible for the death of a young man, but that was accidental.

Visitors to the museum who taunted the real Annabelle doll-faced some fatal or near-fatal accidents after leaving Warren’s museum.

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