Unhealthy Foods to Never Eat

Every day we Chow down foods that are given us by nature contain some amount of poisonous chemicals and can cause some serious health problems. There are many of the foods that we eat normally and think safe to eat but with passage of time these unhealthy foods or the poisonous part of food that we love to eat kill you accidently. In order to ensure that this never happens with you in any step of life, we are going to share unhealthy foods to never eat.


Almond – Say Not to Bitter Almonds

Top 5 Unhealthy Foods to Never Eat, Healthy Food Guide
Almond – Say Not to Bitter Almonds

Almonds is one of the wonderful and widely useful seed all over the world. This food have good unique sweet taste and considered to be best brain booster food. But many of you aware that there are two varieties of Almond i.e. Sweet almonds and Bitter almonds. Bitter almonds are supposedly contains cyanide that is very harmful and can kill you by just chewing about 20 almonds. Bitter almonds are not allowed to sold in many countries and is banned in united state to sold bitter and unpasteurized almonds.


Apple, Cherries, Plums, Pear, Peach Seeds Poisonous

Top 5 Unhealthy Foods to Never Eat, Healthy Food Guide
Apple, Cherries, Plums, Pear, Peach Seeds Poisonous

These fruits are best candies given by nature is not dangerous but its seed contains toxic chemical i.e. cyanide. Small amount of cyanide is not dangerous and human can safely digest small quantity of plants cyanide but large doses can cause serious health problems. Seed of these fruit is called stone fruit and can cause kidney stone, dizziness, vomiting, increased heart rate, increase blood pressure etc.

3Mushroom The Death Cap, Unhealthy Foods

Top 5 Unhealthy Foods to Never Eat, Healthy Food Guide
Mushroom (Unhealthy Foods to Never Eat)

There are so many varieties of mushrooms around the world and many of them are poisonous. But most poisonous of them is Amanita Phalloides also known as Death Cap contain large quantity of carcinogenic compound. There are some useful signs of poisonous mushroom but they can vary in some origins. Not only Death Cap, all mushrooms of unknown origin are considered dangerous.

Effects: Large ingestion of mushroom can cause kidney, muscles or cardiac damage and may leads to irreversible liver.

2Are Green Potatoes and Tomatoes

Top 5 Unhealthy Foods to Never Eat, Healthy Food Guide
Are Green Potatoes and Tomatoes Poisonous – Say Not To Green Potato & Tomato

Unfortunately, Potatoes and tomatoes are parts of nightshades family and come in the category of unhealthy foods. But these both are forever foods and is widely consume in many parts of world. Potato and tomato plant contains large amount of poisonous chemical in there stem and leaves and sometimes in potato also which makes potatoes green in color. Green color of potato is due to poisonous chemical i.e. glycoalkaloid poison or solanine. Every potato contains about 7-13 milligrams of poison and 200 mg of solanine can make you sick. Tomatoes are not dangerous even in large quantities but you might ignore eating green tomatoes and its leaves.

1Berries, Unhealthy Foods to Never Eat

Top 5 Unhealthy Foods to Never Eat, Healthy Food Guide
Berries (Unhealthy Foods to Never Eat, Healthy Food Guide)

Berries like Strawberry, Raspberries and Blueberries are very delicious fruits. They are not only have good taste but they might also help in live longer. Except these berries, there are some other berries that comes in the category of unhealthy foods and can kill you. For example Yew have good sweet taste and generally safe to eat. But its seeds contain toxic compound called alkaloid which can cause several heart problems and may leads to death. Take another one called Daphne is very dangerous, chewing of Daphne cause intense mouth burning and also cause stomach pain and headache.

Published: 05/24/2015
Last Medical Review: 02/28/2016

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