What Attracts Mosquitoes

Really, Mosquitoes do not bite every one they have choice to choose tasty food similar to humans. When you walk up in the morning, you see bunch of red bites on your skin, wrist and forehead but your partner or tent mates proclaimed that they have not. When you are on morning walk you see that’s a lots of mosquitoes following you but not your friends. This is because you are mosquito magnet and unfortunately mosquitoes bite you. In this article we are going to share top reason of who and what attracts mosquitoes.

Mosquito Magnet, Who and What Attracts Mosquitoes
Mosquito Magnet, Who and What Attracts Mosquitoes

Who and What Attracts Mosquitoes?

There are many factors that attracts mosquitoes like skin type, blood type, body temperature, some chemicals on skin or level of fitness etc. Generally process of sensing start much before landing on your skin like mosquitoes can sense their dinner up to a distance of 50 meters. Some factors that attracts mosquitoes are:

Breathing: If you breathe too much then it is more likely you to become blood meal. This is because mosquitoes smell or sense carbon dioxide in air and find that there are some living being are nearby of him and then they follow the source of carbon dioxide in zigzag form to locate source of CO2.

Mosquito Magnet, Who and What Attracts Mosquitoes
Breathing, Mosquito Magnet

Bear Enthusiasts: People who drink just one bottle of beer are more likely to sense by mosquitoes than other people.

Pregnant Woman: Pregnancy also increase detecting by mosquitoes and hence pregnant woman are attract twice by mosquitoes because pregnant woman exhale 21% more carbon dioxide and are more warmer say about 1.26 degree centigrade.

Blood Type: Type O blood is more like by mosquitoes than other blood type. People who have O type blood is more target by mosquitoes – study shows.

Chemical Composition on Skin: In a closer range, mosquitoes sense certain chemicals on your skin like uric acid, lactic acid, ammonia and certain other chemicals and these chemicals attract more mosquitoes.

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Body Temperature: Mosquitoes also attract people with high body temperature. Higher the body temperature higher the chance of mosquitoes will attract you.

Sweat: Most of mosquito sensing chemicals are secreted by sweat and hence it is the key of mosquitoes attract.

Limburger Cheese: Most famous study shows that mosquitoes that cause malaria disease are more attract by Limburger Cheese. The bacteria that give this cheese is resemble with the germs that are present in between of our toes.

Mosquito Magnet, Who and What Attracts Mosquitoes
Limburger Cheese (What Attracts Mosquitoes)

Night Time Attracts Mosquitoes: There are lots of species of mosquitoes but most of them prefer to bite in night time because weather in night is normally calm which helps mosquitoes to find their blood host by sensing carbon dioxide, chemical smell on skin or body temperature.

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