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World’s Most Weird Websites



One of the craziest websites in our list ever been. Visit this website and comment us about your experience with this website.


15 of The World's Most Weird Websites
sulabh toilet museum

Browse the virtual museum of toilet in case if you are not able to visit actual toilet museum located in Sulabh, New Delhi.

15 of The World's Most Weird Websites
Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak founder of Sulabh International Museum


You have heard of website that motivate you, inspire you and encourage you. But have you heard of word the best de-motivator, you can find here.

15 of The World's Most Weird Websites


15 of The World's Most Weird Websites

I really don’t know, how to describe this weird website. Visit this weird website and comment your opinion about this site in your word.


If you are very sad and having a bad day, don’t forget to visit this website. This website is very lovely in odd way.


Learn all the big news coming from the future. See the unseen of next fifty years in this website.


15 of The World's Most Weird Websites
Press The Space Bar

How many time you press the space bar in 5 sec, 10 sec or 15 seconds. This website count, how many times you press the space bar in a particular time.

Visit: Press The Space Bar


Last one of world’s most weird website is itervis.com that create this wonderful list of crazy and weird websites from all over the internet.

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