Basil Essential Oil: Skin Benefits and Precautions

It is mostly used for respiratory problems, muscular, and joint support, but what makes the oil so much more powerful than the leaves is simply the potency. Health benefits of basil essential oil include its ability to treat indigestion, nausea, motion sickness, constipation, diabetes and have numerous skin benefits. The compounds found in the oil of the steam distilled stems, leaves, and flowers are much greater than what we find in dried or even fresh leaves.

Skin Type: Basil oil can sometimes cause skin reactions to people with sensitive skin. Avoid basil essential oil on your neck, face, or chest before making sure you react positively.

  • Basil essential oil is good source of magnesium, potassium, vitamin A, calcium and iron.
  • Strong and spicy aroma of Basil essential oil is invigorating to spirit, bringing a sense of balance and make our mind fresh and calm.
  • Basil essential oil is wonderful for insect bites and itching and ability to treat nausea, motion sickness or digestion problems.

How to Use Basil Essential Oil?

  1. Add 2-3 drops of basil essential oil in lukewarm bath water or in massage oil to get cervical spine back pain.
  2. Most of the above skin essential oils are cheap and easily available in the market. You can buy basil essential oil from supermarket and order online.
Health and Skin Benefits of Basil Essential Oil
Health and Skin Benefits of Basil Essential Oil

Some Points to Remember Before Using Basil Essential Oil:

Basil essential oils are absolutely safe to use but before using essential oil, please keep in mind some precautions to get maximum benefits.

  • We advised to avoid all essential oil during pregnancy.
  • Do not ingest essential oil and not apply on sensitive parts of body.
  • Try other method if you feel some irritation or other side effects.
  • Essential oil are not suitable for infant.
  • Do not expose to sun and keep away from fire after applying this oil.
  • Do not use oil directly on to skin, always dilute it with some other oil unless mentioned.

Not all basil essential oils are created equally, but a high quality brand with an emphasis on purity has some incredibly potent properties and a multitude of uses. So beware before buying to get maximum benefits of basil essential oil.

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