Beverage to Improve Kidney Health

Kidney, one of the most important organ in our body which plays a significant role in filtering more than 200 liters of blood everyday and remove harmful materials that we put in our body. Main role of kidney is to eliminate waste products, toxin and excess water from body. Everyday kidney discharge about two liters of waste and harmful material from our body. Here in this article we are sharing one powerful beverage to improve kidney health and make your other body organs healthy and fit.

What Cause Kidneys Problem?

Too toxic materials cause kidneys and bladder problems. Some of kidney enemies are: Salt, GMOs (Genetically Modified Organism), carbonated drinks, inserted artificial sweetener, cigarette and caffeine.

Health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes problems, Obesity, urinary tract infection may also lead to organ damage and kidney problems to your body.

The Best Homemade Beverage to Improve Kidney Health

The importance of kidney in our body can never be underestimated. Drinking a lots of water is universally known way to keep your body and all body organs healthy. In order to improve kidney health, there is one powerful beverage that cleanse your kidney.


  1. Half cup of walnuts
  2. One peeled kiwi
  3. One banana
  4. Take some parsley

Method of making beverage:

Take one glass of water and squeeze half lemon. Put all the four ingredients in blender and add this one cup lemon water and mix them well to make homogeneous mixture. Regular drink this beverage in morning before breakfast for best possible result.

Best Beverage to Improve Kidney Health - All About Kidney
Best Beverage to Improve Kidney Health – All About Kidney

How to Improve Kidney Health?

There are some healthy lifestyle that are very beneficial for peoples to keep your body and its organs healthy.

  • Control your blood glucose level.
  • Keep your blood pressure in control.
  • If you are overweight, Loose your weight because obesity is one of the major problem.
  • Drink large amount of water to keep your all body organs fit and healthy.
  • Keep your blood glucose at targeted level.
  • Take step to quit your smoke.
  • Be active to keep your blood pressure and cholesterol in control.

Look for the food item that say: sodium free, low or very low sodium, salt free, No added salt, light in sodium, lightly salted, unsalted and reduced sodium to improve kidney health and make your life free from unwanted diseases.

Published: 07/29/2015
Last Medical Review: 03/09/2016