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1Proper Diet and Nutrition

Proper diet and nutrition play a vital role not only to increase our height this is first most ways of growth and metabolism of whole body. Proper diet means balanced diet, that is rich in vitamin and essential minerals.

Here are some essential food item you must incorporate in your daily diet for proper body metabolism,

Milk and other Dairy Products: Dairy products are rich source of vitamin A, B, D, E, protein and calcium. This is advised to add milk and dairy products in your diet for strong bones and cartilage.

Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha, a powerful Ayurvedic herb capable of providing multiple benefits. See complete benefits of Ashwagandha in increasing height.

Chicken: Highest source of protein among many animal food and play vital role in building muscles and tissues.

Fruits and Vegetables: Important source of many vitamins and minerals. Incorporate carrot, peas, beans, potatoes, banana, apple and green vegetables in your diet.

SoyBeans: Among all the vegetable foods, SoyBeans contains highest protein which is very beneficial for bone and tissue mass. SoyBeans work as alternative of animal food to provide protein to our body. we recommend 50gm of SoyBeans every day.

Eggs: White part of Eggs albumen contains 100% protein while yellow part yoke contains fat. Eggs are also rich source of vitamin D, So to increase your height and proper body metabolism you should add 3-5 eggs in your daily diet.

Starches and Grains: Starch and Grains are main source of energy in our body. They are also good source of vitamins, fiber, magnesium, selenium. Pop corn, brown rice, whole wheat, whole grains, pasta etc are provide us energy and essential minerals and must be incorporate in diet mainly for body of rapid growth phase.

Beef: Important source of protein but increase cholesterol level.

Fish: Salmon and Tuna are two types of fish that are rich source of vitamin D and proteins. Add this sea food in your diet to boost your growth.

Coral Calcium: Coral calcium is obtained from sea corals and is very helpful to increase bone mass and bone length.

Apart from all these food item, make sure you are drinking minimum 8-10 glass of water daily to detoxify your body which is best for our body.

Sunlight: Sunlight is most important source of vitamin D, Apart from food and beverage items, you must exposed to sunlight to get your daily doses.

If you are in puberty or have children who are in puberty, you should be more careful about your diet, exercise and daily habits. Follow our 5 Daily Habits and Tips to Increase Height After Puberty.

2Exercise and Body Stretching to Increase Height After 25

Exercise and physical activity play an important role in increasing height after 25. There are some effective exercise that helps in stretching muscles and promote growth of many tissues. With just a few simple exercise you can increase your height after the age of 25.

Stretching: Stretching exercise is little tough in the starting but is really helpful to increase height after 25.

Hanging: Hanging on bar and stretching your body is proven way of increasing height after 25.

Swimming: Swimming is complete workout which utilize all muscles in body. Daily swimming of one hour is very beneficial for complete body metabolism and height growth.

Apart from these exercise you should also take part in sports activities like cycling, running, swimming to perfectly metabolism your body.

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