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7Hirudotherapy (Medicinal Leeches) – Medieval Medicine

Leech therapy or Hirudotherapy, another blast from Europe’s medical history involves nedical leeches to treat many medical problems like to relieve nervous pressure to reduce swelling, blood clotting, stimulates blood flow, and certain types of osteoarthritis. This therapy is similar to bloodletting to draw out bad blood as medieval physician thought this is the cause of patient’s ailment.

Medieval Medicine, Dangerous Medieval Medical Treatments
Hirudotherapy (Medicinal Leeches) – Medieval Medicine

Only medical leeches used in this treatment not wild or not from your garden. The FDA approved these medicinal leeches as “live medical devices.” Today medicinal leeches are also used in many countries to improve blood circulation flow. Here whole bloodsucking is not only weird part in this topic, you have to bath in turpentine first.

8Snake Oil – Medieval Medicine

For centuries, Chinese have used snake oil as a traditional Chinese medieval medicine primarily to relieve from joint pain. This snake oil comes from a specific snake, the Chinese water snake. They believed to get rid of joint pain only by rubbing snake oil on their aching joints.

Medieval Medicine, Dangerous Medieval Medical Treatments
Snake Oil – Medieval Medicine

As we know that snakes are good source of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) an omega-3 fatty acid that has been linked to reduce inflammatory and other many health benefits like control blood pressure, blood cholesterol and several other health issues. But we not recommend snake oil, consult your doctor.

9Urine Diagnosis and Urotherapy, Medieval Medical Treatments

Ok, this one is used today for very legitimate health checkup but having a look at patient urine and smell it, really sound so weird. In Medieval time doctors often closely diagnosed urine by holding a glass flask against light. In some cases doctors often observe the smell of urine, its consistency and sometimes followed by taste test to diagnose their patients.

Medieval Medicine, Dangerous Medieval Medical Treatments
Urotherapy, Medieval Medicine, Medieval Medical Treatments

Not for patient diagnosis only, Urotherapy, or drinking one’s own urine as a medieval medicine also used to cure for what ail you. In the past, urine was believed to be capable of disinfecting cuts and helps to ail number of health condition like indigestion, multiple sclerosis, acne, migraine headache or even cancer.

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