List of Psychological Disorders

A mental illness is very serious psychological disorder that effecting millions of peoples around the world and can lead to years of psychotherapy. There are so many rare and bizarre psychological disorders that never heard of or even thought of. These bizarre Psychological disorders are so crazy that some of them don’t even have name. Behavioural pattern of these psychological disorders results in physical damage to our brain, parts of the body and impaired capability to function in society. Now we ends up with a list of top 10 most bizarre list of psychological disorders that are neglecting by virtue of the fact that they are bizarre, rare and simply unknown and can blow your mind and leave you speechless.

1Foreign Accent Syndrome

Foreign accent syndrome is very rare disorder that occurs after some kind of brain injury or severs migraine. People suffering this syndrome speak native language in foreign accent without any previous knowledge of that accent like speaking US English in Chinese accent that is exactly that happened to Sarah Colwill, a British woman that hospitalised for intense migraine and speak in Chinese accent after surgery awoke.

Total Cases: There have been reported 50 cases of this bizarre syndrome in between 1941 to 2006.

Top 10 Most Bizarre List of Psychological Disorders
Foreign Accent Syndrome, Rarest in this List of Psychological Disorders

2Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

This medical disorder cause people to perceive object either too small or too large than they really are. This bizarre medical disorder occurs probably as a result of something malfunctioning in brain’s occipital lobe. This syndrome also effect sense of hearing and touch and individual also misperceive the passage of time.

3Cotard’s Syndrome or Cotard Delusion

This psychological syndrome also known as walking corpse syndrome, in which individual believed that, they have lost all of their vital body parts and organs or even died and does not exist. Reason behind this syndrome may vary and linked to depression, suffer drugs psychosis and for those who are chronically deprived of sleep.

Top 10 Most Bizarre List of Psychological Disorders
Cotard’s Syndrome or Cotard Delusion

4Reduplicative Paramnesia

This psychological syndrome is delusional belief that a location or place has been duplicated and individual existing in two different locations at the same time. For example an individual believe that he/she not in library in which he/she is reading but in different same looking library in different country which is obviously false.

5Pica – Bizarre Mental Disorder

You have heard about eating dead ash culture in Venezuela and Brazil where people eating dead ash of their loved one when they pass away. This mental disorder is resembled with culture followed in Venezuela and Brazil which characterised by eating substance have no nutritional value. Reason behind this disorder may vary and depends on tradition, cultural or environment. This syndrome often found in children’s with iron or nutritional deficiency.

6Aboulomania – Bizarre Mental Disorder

“He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not” could certainly mantra of those who suffered from mental derangement, pathological indecisiveness or unknown mental or psychological disorder. Peoples suffered from Aboulomania carry significant doubts about taking any decision, performing tasks or incapable of performing function independently. Aboulomania affect millions of people around the world and many of them not know what this is because this mental disorder not affects an ethnic group or specific age but in severe case of this disorder can lead to suicide.

Top 10 Most Bizarre List of Psychological Disorders
Aboulomania, Most Bizarre in this List of Psychological Disorders

7Phantom Limb Disorder

Suffering persons experience the sensation that he/she missing their limb or other organs like appendix but that still attached to the body and working perfectly with other body parts. Some people with Phantom limbs syndrome also find that their limbs gesticulate as they talk.

Treatment: This disorder often treated with virtual reality therapy.


This rare medical condition sounds like really cool super human power. Remember everything like unimportant details such as whether or temperature everyday of past decade. There are many people in the world who posses this super brain memory capability.

9Boanthropy, Rarest in This List of Psychological Disorders

Boanthropy is strange and weird delusional psychological disorder in which people believes he/she to be an ox or cow. The most famous case of this psychological disorder found in king Nebuchadnezzar, who is in the book of Daniel said to have turned into a cow, shows in sketchy but it does not appeared that king have all the symptoms of Boanthropy.

Top 10 Most Bizarre List of Psychological Disorders
Boanthropy, Top 10 Most Bizarre List of Psychological Disorders

10Kleine-Levin Syndrome

Kleine Levin Syndrome also known as beauty sleeping syndrome. This strange but not weird syndrome can potentially lead individual to sleep for weeks. This disorder mainly effects teenager boys but fortunately this syndrome disappears with age in children’s as they reach their twenty. Exact cause of this syndrome is unknown but some researchers believe that heredity or genetic factors may cause some peoples to develop symptoms of Kleine Levin Syndrome (KLS).

If you are suffered from any of these disease or illness and known anyone who have this disorder, it’s the great time to hear about your experiences. Comment below your thoughts about this list of psychological disorders.

Published: 11/01/2015
Last Medical Review: 03/04/2016

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