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Human With 13-inch Tail (Chandre Oram – India)

This is one of the rarest and trending disorders, human with a 13-inch tail. Chandre Oram (was born on Ram Navami), a tea-estate worker, has become quite an object of devotion in his native Alipurduar, West Bengal. People have lot of faith and believes that Hanuman is manifest in him.

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Human  With 13-inch Tail (Chandre Oram – India)

The exact causes of such bizarre disorders or defects are still unknown and related to many factors. The scientists are doing great efforts to find out cures and trying to eliminate completely these genetic and non-genetic disorders. I am sure that most of our readers are going to find these truly bizarre and strangest birth defects or disorders informational and useful. Please don’t be shy, comment us and share your thought and feeling about these rare and bizarre birth defects.

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