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Progeria – Rare and Bizarre Birth Defects

Progeria, one of the rarest disorders found in one in eight million births across the world. It’s a very rare disease but known to most people as the symptoms are very recognizable. Babies born with the rare disorder of Progeria mostly live till their early twenties or die by the time they hit adolescence.

Cause: Mutation in LMNA gene

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Progeria – Rare and Bizarre Birth Defects (Image Credit: flickr)

Symptoms of Progeria: It causes a child to look aged well beyond their years. Symptoms include loss of hair, develop wrinkles and other similar features which are seen in the old age individuals. Babies born with Progeria Syndrome grow much faster (approximately twenty times) than a normal human being causing a very young children to look old aged.

Progeria Cases: In fact, there are only 80 known cases of progeria in the entire world. Have you heard of The Khan Family and Nihal Bitla, well known cases of progeria in India? Multiple family members to be afflicted is almost unheard of. Four Khan children including a sister who died of pneumonia at age 16 years have been diagnosed with progeria. Other three surviving Khan children, Ali Hussein, Rehena, and Ikramul.

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