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Anencephaly – Frog like Baby

Anencephaly is a rare genetic disorder in which babies born without forebrain and remaining part of brain is mostly uncovered. This syndrome is marked by the absence of the spinal cord or some specific regions of the brain. Babies suffering from it might not feel any sort of pain, might be deaf or entirely unconscious.

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Anencephaly – Frog like Baby (Image Credit: Wikipedia)

Cause of Anencephaly: Anencephaly is a cephalic disorder that is the result of Neural tube defect. The women who take some high levels of medication for the treatment of epilepsy are more prone to have such children. Almost all babies born with this condition will die soon after birth as they missing vital parts of their brain.

Anencephaly Cases: An estimated three in 10,000 pregnancies fetuses develop this condition. Several cases of so called “frog-like” babies have been reported. In 2006, a bizarre looking baby with Anencephaly was born in Charikot, India. The baby appeared like a frog with popped eyeballs and no neck, attracting huge numbers of onlookers.

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