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Cyclopia– One Eyed Baby

Just one eye in the middle of their forehead is very rare or strange disorder, in which infants are born with only one eye, just like the mythical creature Cyclops. The symptoms include a disappearance or an abnormal appearance of the face, limbs and many other body parts.

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Cyclopia– One Eyed Baby (Image Credit: Wikipedia)

Cause of Cyclopia:  This is a very rare defect which is the result of failure of the embryonic forebrain to divide orbital cavities to form two eyes.  The cause of this disease is believed to have some genetic basis. The people who are taking too many medications or make use of some cancer treatment drugs are likely to have children with these disorders or other disorders, but the chances are very low, this is one of the rarest disorders have ever seen.

Cases of Cyclopia: In 2012, a most recent case of cyclopia found, baby was born with no nose, no mouth, and one severely deformed eye with two pupils. Due to absence of nose and mouth, the newborn immediately passed away from suffocation. There has never been a documented case where a fetus with cyclopia has survived.

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