Thyme Acne Treatment

Thyme oils has a high content of thymol and is best for my skin. Antibacterial and antiseptic property of thyme essential oil helps to reduce the growth of Propionibacterium acne bacterium and kills wide range of toxic bacteria and fungi. But everyone’s skin is not same and this thyme oil is not for pregnant lady so pregnant woman not try this paste, pregnant lady can choose alternative treatment from how to get rid of blackheads. Thyme acne treatment is one of the best acne treatments to get rid of blackheads but remember thyme essential oil is very effective, so sensitive skin needs extra care and caution.

Thyme Acne Treatment | Thyme's Time as an Acne Remedy
Thyme Acne Treatment | Thyme’s Time as an Acne Remedy

1Thyme Pimple Cream

A thyme based pimple cream is more effective and cheap tropical solution without any side effects as benzoyl peroxide creams.

If you have oily skin that is prone to breakout, thyme acne treatment is one of the most effective ways to treat pimples and blackheads.


  • Thyme Essential Oil, 2 drops
  • Skin Friendly Oil, 1 teaspoon
  • Bicarbonate Soda, 2 teaspoon


  • Mix thyme essential oil with skin friendly oil and sterile the mixture with very clean spoon or spatula.
  • Now stir this oil mixture on bicarbonate soda and mix thoroughly for few minutes to get fine paste.
  • Store this paste into a sterilized and dry glass jar or bottle. Sterilize jar by boiling in water for few minutes and dry it completely.
  • Before applying this paste on pimples, wash your hand and face.
  • Scoop a pinch of this paste on your palm and add 1 drop water and mix well.
  • Apply this paste only to spot in small circle and leave for few 2-3 minutes before wash, repeat 1-2 times a day.

2Dried Thyme Acne Treatment for Moisturizing Skin

Skin moisturizer made with dried thyme is excellent treatment for your skin.


  • Dried Thyme, 1 tablespoon
  • Natural Oils

    Thyme Acne Treatment | Thyme's Time as an Acne Remedy
    Dried Thyme Bundle – Dried Thyme Acne Treatment


  • All you have to do by sterilizing a small glass jar by boiling in water for 10-15 minutes and dry it completely.
  • Toss 1 tablespoon of dried thyme and fill the bottle with natural oils (we recommend sesame, jojoba or argan natural oil).
  • Now keep this bottle in cool, dry and dark place for 10-15 days, shake it daily.
  • Strain out the thyme before using it.

2Witch Hazel and Dried Thyme Acne Treatment

A mixture of witch hazel and thyme not only helps to get rid of blackheads or heal existing pimples but also helps to prevent breakouts from returning. Witch hazel is also a great remedy to get rid of underarm odor.


  • Dried Thyme
  • Witch Hazel


  • Start with small clean and dried glass jar or bottle.
  • Fill the glass jar with witch hazel and infuse dried thyme leaves into the jar.
  • Keep the jar in dry, cool and dark place for 20-25 days, Strain out the thyme before using it.
  • You can apply this one’s or two times a day using a cotton ball regularly to get rid of acne and pimples.

Some words of caution about thyme acne treatment:

  • It is highly recommended to test this paste in a discrete spot for irritation before final treatment.
  • Thyme acne treatment using thyme essential oil might feel a bit cool, if you feel slightest burning wash it off immediately.
  • It takes few weeks to get rid of pimple, keep paste in dry hygiene place and make new paste every week.
  • Stop this method if you not see any improvement in a month, choose essential oils acne treatment that best suited for your skin.
  • If your skin irritate, dry or if you feel any negative effect, stop this treatment immediately and check out other acne treatments like aloe vera face packs, banana face packs and essential oils treatment.
  • Thyme essential oil is very effective and never use in pure form, thyme oil must be diluted below 5% if you are using it direct.

Published: 12/26/2015
Last Medical Review: 03/01/2016

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