Thyme Foot Scrub

Many peoples who start making their own skin and body care products seems start by natural products. Here we are offer a very new effective homemade sugar, essential oils and thyme foot scrub to help you relax and to easy treat for your toes and cracked feet. This natural foot scrub is easy to make and having many variations, all depends on you like what kind of essential oils and carrier oils you are using.

Sugar, Peppermint and Thyme Foot Scrub

  • Granular Sugar, 1 cup

  • Dried Thyme, ¼ teaspoon

  • Peppermint Essential oil, 3-4 drops

  • Sweet Almond Oil, ¼ cup

  • Spoon, mixing container and storing container

  • Optional: Coconut oil, avocado oil, Lavender essential oil, Lemon essential oil and rosemary

This recipe will make about 160 gm of foot scrub.


Sugar scrubs are great way to softer up your foot and toes and to add some moisture to dry winter skin where thyme is used for its toning, disinfectant and refreshing properties.

Cooling Peppermint, Sugar and Thyme Foot Scrub
Granular Sugar

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Put the granular sugar in a clean mixing bowl and add 1/4 cup to 1/3 cup of oil of your choice, we recommend to use sweet almond oil but avocado and coconut oils are also great substitutions.

Cooling Peppermint, Sugar and Thyme Foot Scrub
Carrier Oil

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Add oil slowly and mix the mixture thoroughly till you have a nice soft consistency paste, Add more oil or sugar if feels too dry or wet.

Add few drops of peppermint essential oil, be careful peppermint essential oil is very strong and so use only 3-4 drops. Lemon and Lavender essential oils both are wonderful substitutions.

Cooling Peppermint, Sugar and Thyme Foot Scrub
Dried Thyme

Add few dried thyme leaves and mix the mixture to get an even consistency paste. Try rosemary also works well with this scrub.

Divide this scrub in equal parts and pour this scrub into two small mason storing container (air tight) without any preservative, use within one month.

Cooling Peppermint, Sugar and Thyme Foot Scrub
Cooling Peppermint, Sugar and Thyme Foot Scrub

Image Source: Flickr

Use firm stroke and massage this thyme foot scrub into your feet and wash it off with warm water, do regularly 3-4 times a week. For best result, use before bath or shower to exfoliate, smoothen and to moisturize cracked feet.

Published: 01/03/2016
Last Medical Review: 02/29/2016

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